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Teen Patti is one of the most popular card games played in India. While this game is often enjoyed at celebrations and festivals, it can also be played online! Gamblers from India have the opportunity to access online casino sites that feature the game and wager to win real money payouts! Playing this game offers Indian gamblers a great chance to engage with other players as they enjoy a traditional Indian game.
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How to Play

If you are new to the game of Teen Patti, you will quickly learn that the rules are very basic. It is an easy game to learn and is one that can yield some great payouts. The rules of the game are very similar to those of three card poker. When playing the game online, you will often find Live Teen Patti, where you will be playing with live dealers and other players. Between 3 and 6 players can enjoy the game and it is played with a single deck of cards.

When you play Teen Patti, the game starts with the first player placing a bet, which is a fixed amount. Cards are then dealt and all players receive three cards. These are face down and the dealer will also receive cards. The goal is to have a hand that has a higher ranking than the dealer. Rankings include:

  • Straight Flush
  • 3 of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Pair
  • High Card

Useful Teen Patti Tips

As a new player, you can use some strategies to get started and have some great chances at winning with Teen Patti. You should start with small bets, which will allow you to play more hands in a single session without quickly depleting the bankroll. This is also beneficial for casual gamblers that do not have a large bankroll to start with.

Always have complete knowledge of the game before placing any real money bets. If you are completely new, you can benefit from playing some free demo versions of the game. With these, there is no real money involved. You will play the game with the same features as the real money version, but will not be risking anything. Free games are a great way to take your time to learn rules and become comfortable with the betting options.

Teen Patti has a unique feature called the Sideshow. If you are unsure of whether to play or fold, you can use this option. You will be asking the player before you to reveal their hand. Whichever of you have the stringer hand will continue to play while the other player will be required to fold. This is a great way for a player to opt out of a game if they have small chances of winning, which can preserve the bankroll in the long run.

Start Playing Today

You will find that some of the best sites in the industry will offer versions of this game. If you are interested in getting started with Teen Patti and want to enjoy a great live dealer version, you have some great options. Not only will you be able to jump right in and play Teen Patti, but you will also benefit from some super casino bonuses that can offer free funds. These can allow you to play more hands and enjoy hours of entertainment with Teen Patti online. 

Ready to get started with this exciting card game? Check out live dealer options and enjoy the thrills of real-time play, professional dealers, and social interactions with other players at the table.

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