7 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Casinos Are The Future

Since 2009 there has been a clear trend from desktop to mobile devices. Regardless of the online casino industry, a growing number of people are using their smartphones or tablets to use the Internet when on the go. Now that the telecom market has progressed to a stage where it can be expected, the technology community inevitably wonders what the patterns will be in the next five to ten years.

Virtual reality, or VR for short, is one subject that is rapidly evolving as the “next big thing.” With the aid of augmented reality lenses, the user can immerse himself in virtual worlds. A Bruce Springsteen concert and the African steppes from the viewpoint of a safari traveler can be seen up close on stage.

VR Casinos are the future

The 7 big reasons why VR casinos are the future of online gambling are as follows:

  1. User experience

The content is created with real people and real experiences in mind. Nobody really needs to spend hours and hours staring at a screen and playing with his hands in order to become a gambling expert. And besides that, gamers do not want to sit in front of a computer for hours and hours as it is not as fun as being right in front of the screen with a system in your hands.

Furthermore, VR creates a totally immersive experience. The player feels like they are immersed in a completely new world that will bring joy to their lives. And it is really easy to be an online casino gamer in VR Casino games and competitions.

  1. Online casinos are perfect for VR

VR will change the way people approach gaming. It is even thought that soon people will be able to “pretend” to play while enjoying a cup of coffee, studying the road signs or playing cards at the same time. Due to the image and immersion of VR gambling, the experience is unmatched by other gaming activities. This will dramatically improve the interaction between online casino providers, like 888 casino, 918kiss livemobile66.com and players.

VR adds a dimension of surprise and excitement to the entertainment, giving the user a more immersive experience. Virtual reality also offers more choices in terms of gambling games. It provides gambling enthusiasts the opportunity to play the games they love like never before. It will be as if the user is actually in the game.

  1. VR Casinos are immersive

Nobody is more aware of the trend of immersion than a company called NextVR. NextVR is a company specializing in 3D 360-degree live casino games and concerts. The technology is what makes immersive Virtual Reality sports and concerts possible, as is the “Virtual Receiver” that matches the movement of the VR headset and image.

For example, 3D 360-degree images are created by generating a precise set of pictures that are synched at a consistent rate that perfectly synchronizes with the movement of the user’s head. So far, there has been a successful match between hardware and software, with NextVR successfully broadcasting to Facebook.

  1. VR Casinos are innovative

Virtual reality allows gamblers to experience fantastic gaming experiences that are not accessible to the average player. The magic begins when you enter a virtual world that appears to be real by immersing you in a virtual world. While this is not a new phenomenon (since some early primitive VR prototypes were presented a century ago), VR has allowed the new generation of gamblers to experience life outside reality without any physical limitations.

The VR casinos are trying to outdo the traditional online casino experience to provide more immersiveness, exclusivity and challenge than ever before. In addition to exciting your senses, virtual reality allows you to move through the online casino environment, either alone or with other users.

  1. IGaming tycoons bet on VR

The iGaming, already considered a sub-sector of the gaming industry as a whole, represents a market of about 50 billion since the early 2000s. Naturally, this growth is accompanied by a surge of innovation. Thus, market leaders are interested in virtual reality as the next medium for their software.

One only needs to look at a list of the major online gambling sites to see that all the major players are currently testing the VR casino. Nowadays, the most innovative seems to be Microgaming. This firm, established in 1994, currently offers more than 600 online games. With long experience and a strong brand image, the company recently decided to push the boundaries of possibilities.

  1. Microgaming VR Roulette and Gonzo’s Quest, two first examples of VR casinos

The Microgaming Roulette RV was unveiled for the first time as part of the ICE Totally Gaming 2016. In a CRYO Lab specially deployed for the occasion, this game combines Oculus Rift headphones and Leap Motion controllers. The player finds himself propelled into a virtual reality online gambling site. He can grab chips, activate online roulette and collect his winnings. This experience was awarded the Digital Product of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards. The prototype has inspired other developers to look into the VR casino.

In 2017, another company by the name of NetEnt unveiled the first virtual reality slot machine. The company has chosen to adopt its most popular game, Gonzo’s Quest, in VR. The game brings together a 360-degree environment, interactive characters, and jackpots that fall from the sky if you win.

  1. The VR casino could democratize virtual reality

These products are still in the development stage but are expected to enter the market quickly. According to Juniper’s study, the VR casino could grow into a $ 520 million industry by 2021. Besides the tycoons of online gambling, big names like Samsung and Facebook are also interested in VR casinos. Therefore, the market could grow by 800% in the coming years.

If these predictions prove to be correct, the VR casino will become one of the most lucrative markets in the virtual reality industry. The other entertainment and advertising sectors should also play a major role in the evolution of virtual reality, but gambling could allow its democratization.


The number of websites offering virtual reality casino games is increasing quickly. Almost every modern online casino provider is launching at least one virtual reality slot machine. And in a booming virtual reality market, developers are looking to the future and looking for ideas for this new technology’s future. In this context, several companies are studying the potential of VR gambling.