Fully Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

fully automatic vs semi automatic washing machines

Fully Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: What's the Difference?

Which one is better. Let's find out:

In India, most people prefer to semi-automatic machine as compared to fully automatic. And a study reveals that there are 30% more sales of semi-automatic machines as compared to fully automatic.

Do you know the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines. Do you know that even fully automatic washing machines comes in two different categories.

Let's start with the difference in prices of semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machine.

You can easily find 6.5 Kg semi automatic washing machine in market for a price of just 6500. On the other hand fully automatic washing machine models comes at starting price of 10000.

As you can see in the image below the price of washing machines increases with load capacity.

semi automatic vs fully automatic washing machine price difference

The load capacity here indicates us how much weight of cloths it can hold. It is not the weight of washing machine.

Which Washing Machine is more user-friendly

If you consider which machine is more user-friendly. Then you will love fully automatic washing machine. Because in that machine you put your dirty cloths, and it will wash them and dry them and let you know by playing buzzer sound.

In case of semi-automatic washing machines, the clothes need to be washed and dried separately. That means you have to do more work.

The fully automatic washing machines need to be filled with clean water after every use. The washer and drier are equipped in same tub in the fully-automatic washing machines.

While in semi-automatic washing machine, the washer and dryer are separately located. Semi-automatic washing machine that don't have dryer attached are also available in Indian market.

These are generally priced at Rs. 2000 lesser than the ones that have dryer equipped in them. 

Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Categories

Even fully-automatic washing machines are available in two different categories in India. These are front load and top load fully automatic washing machines. Experts are of the view that front load washing machines facilitate better cleaning than top load washing machines.

Front load models consume less water as compared to load load models. The price difference between these models is mainly 4000rs to 5000rs. 


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