3 Types of Common College Papers and How to Write Them

College life is full of challenges, and most of them are in the academic part of it. The papers you will have to complete during your study years will be more complex than what you are used to. On top of this, the requirements might be different, as well as the expectations of the professors. And, of course, they involve a greater deal of work to deliver a powerful and compelling one. 

International students might be the ones most challenged by these tasks. However, it depends on your major too. You will likely have to write each type at least once and the basic guidelines apply no matter your study subject. You can have someone to write a college paper for you and learn from the most experienced writers. They have also shared some tips and tricks on how to write the 3 types of common college papers. Read them below. 

Argumentative Essay 

This is the most common type of essay you will have to write during your college years. The name of this essay type is self-explanatory: you have to argue against or in favor of a specific idea. Usually, the topic or answer for your argumentative essay is provided by your teacher. It forces you to take a deeper look into some of the issues that are present in our society. For example, gender equality or the death penalty could be possible topics. 

So, how to write a compelling argumentative essay? Well, you need to first decide on your position regarding the topic. Are you against or in favor? There might be topics where you would want to adopt a neutral position, as you feel you do not agree with either of the parts. Even though this is possible and you can do it, you should know that it is usually challenging to maintain a position of neutrality. 

After you have decided on your opinion on the topic, you should start your research. Your position regarding the topic will be mentioned in the thesis statement, which is included in the introduction. Your arguments in favor or against the topic will be presented in the body of your essay. It is essential to write a smooth essay in which arguments flow from each other. Each argument should be highlighted in a separate paragraph. The conclusion should summarize the problem and the arguments and leave the reader with food for thought. 

Even though this type of essay means expressing your opinion on the topic, research is also important as it provides you with facts, stats, and other details you may need. It is crucial to inform from high-authoritative sources that have a good reputation. Use the proper citation style to make sure you will not be suspected of plagiarism. Avoid expressing your thoughts starting with “In my opinion”, “I think that” or “I believe”. To make your argument strong, you should make it sound like a fact. This is a rule that applies to other essay types as well. 

Analytical Essay 

The second type of paper you will have to write during your college years is the analytical essay. It is similar in some parts to the argumentative essay, but the prompt is totally different. The analytical essay asks you to analyze a specific thing. It might be a study, another essay, a book, an experiment, and so on. 

So, you need to know very well the thing you have to analyze to be able to do it successfully and present convincing arguments. Even though this type of essay is more popular in History or English majors, you can expect to write one no matter what you study. 

So, the first thing you have to do is to get to know your subject. If it’s a book, then read it. If it’s a movie, watch it. When you do this, take notes so that the main ideas are easy to access. After you’ve read the article or the study, think about it and note your ideas about it. You might agree or disagree with what you have read, so it is important to be aware of your thoughts. And then you could start writing. 

The structure of the essay is pretty much the same as that of an argumentative essay. Back up your claims with arguments from the book, article, or movie. This way, your essay will be more convincing. 

Research Paper 

Research papers are popular no matter the major you study. This type of paper is more complex than the previous ones and it involves more work and research. However, it is rewarding to work on it as it helps you learn the depths of a specific topic. In a research paper, you need to choose a topic, do research on it, and then present your findings. You have to present the methodology, how you gathered your data, how you analyzed it, and the main findings and conclusions. 

Usually, professors grant students the freedom to choose their own topic. If you are in this group, you should choose a topic you like. This way, it will be easier to maintain a high motivation level during the whole writing process because you have a genuine interest in what you are doing. 

The research part is essential too. You need to do research on the topic and unveil its depths. Avoid using Wikipedia as a source of information. You could rather use it as a starting point for references but aim to use specialty journals. When you will present the literature research, make sure to use the recommended citation style. For sure you will find it in the requirements. 

Make sure you do not forget to add interesting stats, but also include a whole chapter with discussion and conclusions. 

Final Thoughts 

College years are full of challenges, but approaching them with calm helps you handle them with success. The organization is key so make sure you take notes, set deadlines, and follow the requirements. Making a structure is always helpful as it guides your whole writing process.