Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the occasion, you’ll probably agree that gift giving is one of many people’s favorite activities. The whole process of coming up with the perfect gift idea, looking at your options of getting it and the actual act of presenting someone with a gift is a true positive emotional rollercoaster. 

However, choosing the right type of gift – although fun and rewarding in the end – can be quite overwhelming. With so many options out there to choose from and so many different occasions to consider, it can be quite daunting just thinking about it. Worry not! That’s why we’ve created a list of some of the most unique corporate gift ideas for entrepreneurs in your life. Check them out.

A fancy notebook

Probably one of the most popular gift options – no matter who you’re buying the gift for – is a nice notebook. Everyone and their mother uses notebooks – some more frequently than others – so this one is quite a safe choice. Of course, when browsing your options, make sure you choose something classy and timeless – such as a sleek, leather bound notebook to ensure that your gift is not just useful, but beautiful as well.

A cute planner

Along the similar lines, if entrepreneurs need anything in their lives, it’s a good planner. Since entrepreneurs are such busy individuals, giving them a planner or an organizer as a gift is something you simply can’t go wrong with. Just make sure that the one you’ve chosen has enough room and is neatly divided to make writing in it more convenient. 

A set of high-quality pens

Another thing every entrepreneur needs is a set of nice pens. Since entrepreneurs are always working no matter where they go, they always need to have a reliable pen handy, as they never know when they’ll be needing it. But it’s super easy to lose or misplace a pen. However, if you get them a pair of nice, weighty pens – possibly even monogrammed ones – chances are they will take better care of them.

A personalized gift

Another gift idea you can’t go wrong with is anything personalized. If the person you’re buying a gift for has any interests outside the job they do, use that to your advantage.

For instance, you can buy the person you’re choosing a gift for a set of personalized golf tees. Or, if the person enjoys poker, you can get them personalized poker chips.

Whatever you choose to get them, make sure you personalize the gift as much as possible. This will not only show that you actually listen to them and are familiar with their interests, but it will also take an already cool gift and make it ten times cooler.

A durable on-the-go coffee mug

Next on the list is something all of us would enjoy having and that’s a durable, on-the-go coffee mug.

Since the everyday life of an entrepreneur is quite mobile, the majority of them can’t really afford to waste time sipping coffee in a café for hours on end.

That’s why one of the cool gift ideas is a coffee mug they can easily take with themselves and have their coffee on the go. Ideally, look for one that will also help keep the beverage warm – or cold – for the additional convenience. 

A whiteboard

Since entrepreneurs are usually very creative people and the line of work they’re in requires them to always come up with new ideas and concepts, a big wide whiteboard with markers will also serve as a great gift.

Here, they can not only note down all of the ideas they come up with during their brainstorming sessions; they can also use the whiteboard to note down various to-dos.

This gift is not only quite useful but quite practical as well.

A mobile payment processor

As mentioned earlier, some entrepreneurs do all of their work on the go. That means that some of them even accept payments on the go as well.

Now while cash payments are super-easy to see through no matter where you are, card payments are an entirely different story.

That’s why you can always look for a convenient mobile card reader to make the entire payment process far more seamless for your entrepreneur.

There are plenty of types and models you can choose from, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties finding the right fit.

A virtual keyboard

It seems like every single person nowadays has a smartphone.

And although extremely convenient and useful, they too come with some shortcomings.

One of the biggest flaws of smartphones is that typing answers on the phone’s keyboard can be quite tiresome, especially if you’re answering a business email.

That’s why a virtual, portable keyboard can also be the perfect gift. Easy to set up and use, this little gadget will enable the person you’re gifting it to to quickly and easily answer any important texts or emails regardless of where they’re at.

An annual subscription to a useful resource

Last but not least, we have quite an unusual gift – but also the one that’s probably going to be very welcomed. You can always choose to give the entrepreneur in your life a gift of knowledge, by signing them up for a month of some useful course.

Alternatively, you can also sign them up for some type of software or service that will streamline their operations and, thus, make their job far easier.

In the end, if they end up liking the service, they can easily expand their subscription and if not – no harm done.

As you can see, choosing the right gift doesn’t need to be either stressful or overwhelming. You just need to find the thing that the person you’re buying a gift for will really like and find useful and practical.