5 Special Gift Ideas That Show You Care

Shopping for gifts is a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful to search for exactly what to buy for the most important people in your life.

It can take a lot of time and effort to shop for people sometimes, especially if you have your heart set on finding the perfect present.

The best gifts are ones that are both enjoyable and meaningful, and make the person feel as though you put a lot of thought and effort into surprising them.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect gift that checks all the boxes is often a lot easier said than done.

If you have a special occasion coming up and don’t know where to get started, read on for five special gift ideas that show you really care.

1. Event or Experience

After the last year, everyone has had being stuck indoors due to the ongoing global pandemic, so one of the best gifts you can get is helping someone get (safely) out of the house.

You can even go with a gift certificate for Expedia or another travel website, so they can plan the trip of their dreams when the restrictions brought about by COVID-19 start to go away.

Tickets to a future event like a concert or a sports game are also a great idea, and you can even go with them to share the special night together. Great experiences are always on the top of everyone’s list.

2. CBD Products

CBD has saturated the mainstream market over the past few years and has gone from a niche product to a legitimate trend in the health and wellness space. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana, it doesn’t contain THC or produce a psychoactive high. While studies about its medical benefits are still ongoing, users rave about its effects on everything from stress to inflammation to difficulty sleeping.

It comes in a smokeable flower form, or in pre-rolled joints, much like marijuana does. For those who don’t like smoking, you can find CBD in almost everything these days, including skin care products like body lotion or CBD face cream. If you want to surprise someone with something to help them relax and take better care of themselves, CBD products are a great option.

3. A Watch or Timepiece

One material gift that can mean a lot is a watch or a timepiece. Watches are a traditional gift for a lot of different special occasions, especially graduations, and they often turn into family heirlooms that are passed down for future generations. That’s part of why most people choose high-quality watches that are designed to last when they start shopping. The Jaeger-LeCoultre collection from WatchBox is a great example of quality worth investing in. Luxury watches are impressive, meaningful gifts that definitely show that you’re commemorating something important.

4. Lab-Created Diamonds

If you haven’t considered purchasing a lab-created diamond instead of a mined diamond before, they’re well worth looking into. Man made diamonds earrings make a great, and environmentally conscious, gift. If you’re unfamiliar, lab-created diamonds are made of the same material as natural diamonds, though they differ in that they aren’t made through a geological process.

Synthetic diamonds are a great option for anyone looking to buy jewelry for someone, especially because they don’t come attached to the same environmental and ethical concerns as mined diamonds. In addition to that, synthetic diamonds are often more affordable, meaning you’ll be able to get even more for your money.

5. Plants

Plants are a great gift for the gardener or nurturer in your life. While some plants require a lot of attention, it’s easy to find both indoor and outdoor plants that don’t require much work at all. If you’re shopping for someone who isn’t likely to have a green thumb but who could still use a little more life in their living space, consider a succulent instead. Succulents are much easier to care for and require a lot less monitoring and less specific temperature conditions than many other indoor plants. Start with a cactus or two, and see how that goes before you start spending money on exotic or expensive houseplants.

Gifts that help someone take better care of themselves can be a great idea for people who struggle to put themselves first, including self-care treats like CBD products or tickets to an upcoming concert. If you want to splurge on a luxury product for someone special, think about investing in a high quality timepiece or a piece of diamond jewelry. If your friend likes caring for things, plants are an amazing way to liven up a space and give them a great new project to take on. The most important thing is that you put a lot of thought into coming up with a present that will really mean something to them. No matter how much money you have to spend, you can always find something beautiful and personal to surprise the people you care about.