How is the Online Casino Market Affecting Sales of Roulette Displays?

The roulette wheel has long been the centrepiece of casinos all over the world. It’s iconic, and people instantly associate the red-and-black game with places like Monte-Carlo. The problem sometimes is that the tables can become crowded, making it hard for people to bet. Roulette displays solved this issue, as they provided a digital playing screen that players could access easily without having to push past others to place chips. With the online casino market now offering this experience to players at home, has it impacted the sales of roulette displays at land-based casinos?

The Rise of Online Roulette Has Normalized This Form of Playing

Prior to the emergence of the internet, roulette displays were the only places where players could participate in digitalized versions of the game. Nowadays, it could be argued that more players find the computer variants of roulette to be the norm. The online casino industry pushed roulette forward in so many ways, and it has remained popular thanks to the sheer abundance of variants available. Players can choose between a wide range of virtual titles including Super Stakes Roulette and American Roulette, along with live-streamed options such as Immersive Roulette and Lightning Roulette.

The latter games use a real dealer operating a traditional wheel, but players still use a digitalized betting surface as they would with virtual games and roulette displays. Virtual games are fully digitalized, and they use RNG to determine where the ball lands on each spin. There are numerous advantages to playing online, and this could be why roulette is still reigning supreme at online casinos despite being one of the oldest games.

The best thing about betting online is that you can place your chips easily and accurately. You don’t need to be concerned about what other players are doing, and you always have enough time to place a wager. You can also do nifty things like press repeat bet, meaning that you don’t have to put your chips down every time. This is especially handy if you play a system that requires you to place the same bet every time.

Roulette displays were brought into casino floors for ease of access, and that’s the name of the game at online casinos as well. These sites are designed to bring the casino experience to players in their homes, meaning that there is little time to wait between deciding to try roulette and playing it.

It would be wise to assume that because online roulette is now so popular, it has had a negative effect on roulette displays in land-based casinos. After all, more people play online now so that must mean that fewer venture out to gambling houses. In fact, it appears the opposite is true. Because of the prevalence of online roulette, more people have discovered the game for the first time. This influences many players to also try it out at land-based casinos.  

Online Players Who Visit Casinos Find Roulette Displays Easier

Figures from a range of reports have shown that the roulette displays market is growing and that more units are being sold than ever before. What’s even more promising is the fact that there has been an increase in different markets around the world, including the USA, China, and Europe. Some of the key manufacturers of these games are TCS John Huxley, Abbiati Casino Equipment, and Bono Gaming System. There are various other new companies cropping up as well, underlining how the roulette displays industry is still a lucrative one to get into in 2023.

From these figures, it’s clear that more casinos than ever are installing roulette displays to cater to the growing number of people interested in them. There are a couple of different ways that these displays work. Sometimes they transmit live feeds of roulette wheels on the casino floor and allow players to place bets on them digitally. This can be advantageous as it means that there is less crowding around the tables. Other times, the displays have solely virtual games and use RNG to determine the outcome.

How Could the Roulette Display Market Develop in the Future?

Throughout their history, roulette displays have become more and more advanced. Developers have always tried to incorporate modern technology to improve the experience both visually and in terms of gameplay. Computer graphics have come a long way over the last few years and roulette displays have become more impressive in the process. Developers have also learnt a lot from the online casino industry, and now many roulette displays include different ways to play the games.

It’s exciting to speculate what the next advancements with these machines could be. The casino industry is on the cusp of transitioning to new platforms like virtual and augmented reality, but this won’t be possible online until the equipment goes mainstream and most players have access to it. Land-based casinos could get ahead of the game here by offering VR and AR experiences in-house, and roulette could be one of the games that adapt quickly to the futuristic tech.

VR could easily be integrated with roulette displays to enhance the variety on offer with these titles. There’s a good chance that players will soon be able to don a VR headset in the casino and find themselves standing in front of a virtual version of a roulette table with a robot croupier. This has already been invented by Microgaming, who came up with the concept way back in 2015. It was met with critical acclaim at the time, showing how many people are ready to make the switch to this new way of playing.

Roulette displays existed long before the online casino industry took off, and they have continued to flourish in the years since. The internet version of the game has helped more people discover it and, in turn, has increased sales of roulette displays to land-based casinos.