Your perfect printer: HP Officejet pro 6960

It is always difficult to choose high-quality gadgets that would meet all customers requirements and needs. If you are thinking on which type of printer to buy, which brand is good enough, this HP Officejet pro 6960 review is definitely for you to read.

HP as a good printer brand

Hewlett-Packard is one of the best inkjet producers all over the world. Just imagine, HP manufactured its first printer back in 1984. It’s been a long time since then, gadgets have developed and eventually the HP officejet pro 6960 printer was created. It combines the best and most needed features of the device both for the office and for the user working or studying from home.

HP gadgets are user-friendly, provide easy access to paper jams and to HP officejet 6960 ink cartridges. Like most modern devices they have both wired and wireless connectivity but HP officejet pro 6960 also supports Apple AirPrint, HP ePrint and Mopria Print Service.

Who needs Officejet printers?

Fun fact: Officejet is a series of printers produced only by Hewlett-Packard  As it implies from the name HP officejet 6960 was initially made for office workers but now it is used not only in places of business.

For many users the most important criteria when choosing a printer is the ability to print and scan quickly. Many people choose HP officejet 6960 because it is sure to offer such an opportunity. Print and copy speed are up to 18 ppm and up to 28 cpm. These are great indicators because, for instance, inkjet printers speed average is 5 to 10 pages per minute. If this and the number of reasons provided below are essential for you, you should consider buying an officejet printer.

  • HP officejet pro 6960 software is free.
  • It is a fax machine, a printer, and a scanner at the same time.
  • Print resolution is up to 600 x 1200 dpi which allows you to make high-quality color and black pictures.

There is, however, one important thing to remember. Only compatible ink cartridges can give the results your HP officejet 6960 was engineered to deliver. They can be bought online on the Smart Ink website, it’s a reliable company that provides a 2-year money-back guarantee for the HP officejet 6960 ink cartridges.

Hope you have found the information you were looking for in this HP officejet pro 6960 review, and it will come in handy and help not to break a head choosing a first-rate printer.