WOW Wrath User Review

Hello everyone!

Due to the fact that WOW Wrath of the Lich King is coming out very soon, I would like to share my experience on using WoW Classic boost services. I rarely turn to them, but the need arose, and I had to try to find a suitable and worthy service. I’ll tell you about everything in order. 

Why do I need boost services

I myself play pretty well, because practically every day I go into the game and practice my skills. Also I have a team and together we do well. Surely, we are not professionals, but for an amateur level we play well. We do not have a goal to become R1 or achieve some high achievements, no, we just play for fun to relax and take a break from the everyday bustle. The guys from my team and I decided to start running raids in Vanilla add-on, but after some time I planned a vacation for myself and went to another country. And this decision of mine coincided with the release of the Naxxramas raid. My teammates decided that they would not wait for me, but would continue their journey through the raids. Together we managed to run only the Onyxia’s Lair raid and then we decided to go differently. I understood them, but I didn’t want my character’s progress to stop while others would only improve their progress. Here I decided that I just really needed to find a boost service with cool boosters that, during my rest, will run the necessary WoW Classic raid and achieve its fantastic gear. Otherwise, my character will disappear from the game for a long time and it will be quite difficult for me to catch up. So the search began.

My search and requirements for boost services 

So, I needed to find boosters that would be able to run the Naxxramas raid. I am not at all experienced in using boost services, so I needed everything on the site to be as clear and accessible as possible. I did not have much time to understand and read each service’s description. I just wanted to see the name of the service I needed, get acquainted with its description, read reviews, chat with the manager and place an order.

I didn’t know of any site providing boost services, so I just typed my query into the search box and looked through the top offers. Among the first ones I saw was cakeboost and it kind of seemed reliable. There are a lot of games and a lot of boost services for them, but the price was terribly high. I don’t feel sorry for money for quality services, but their prices for boost services seemed too high to me and I went looking further.

Then I went to the G2G website and there I got completely lost. I did not see at least some system and order, only a huge list of offers of various boost services from unknown performers. I didn’t really like it, but I decided to try to find something. In this confusion, I still found the Naxxramas raid boost, but what was my indignation when I started chatting with the booster and asking him my questions, and he simply disappeared and stopped answering me! And there is no live chat with support where I could express my dissatisfaction. That is, I had to find everything myself, agree on it myself, spend my time, and at the same time I didn’t get anything. It was very disappointing for me, and I no longer believed that I could find something, but the result was important to me, so I kept looking.

So I finally found a boost team that suits me

And so I ended up on the Frostyboost website. To my surprise, here I quickly found WoW Classic Raids Boost services. There was a clear division for each raid, and as an inexperienced and not very attentive user, this pleased me. I read the description of the service, everything is described in detail, and then I wrote in a live chat. Its presence was also a nice bonus. Communication with a live person representing this or that service has always played an important role for me. It has always helped me to establish contact with the team, make sure of the responsiveness and trust the service representative. I explained my situation to the manager, said exactly what I would like to receive as a result, and we have already drawn up a small action plan. Thus, I placed my first order and calmly left to rest, knowing that while I was resting, the boosters ran the Naxxramas raid. Honestly, I never even thought about the service I ordered, apparently, the vacation was a success XD. But approximately a week later I received a notification from this boosters team that the Naxxramas raid was completed and I can check the results.  

The results of the work 

When I returned home, I was able to log into my account and saw an amazing result. The Naxxramas raid was fully completed and I got some really cool equipment, gear and a lot of loot. All in all, the investment was definitely worth it. I managed to have a great rest and not lose my progress in WoW Classic, but even improved it thanks to the Frostyboost team.

Waiting for the WotLK release and its new raids

I’m already looking forward to the WotLK expansion. WoW expansions are of interest and, of course, I want to see what new Blizzard has created. I would like to level up my character as soon as possible and run new raids prepared in WotLK. But, unfortunately, I have a lot of work now, and therefore I do not rule out the possibility that I will use WoW WotLK boost services. It’s good that now I know exactly who to contact for this. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who wants to get super classy WoW WotLK Boost services.