WotLK Arena Boost – Frostyboost Review 


In this article, I want to share my experience of buying a service called WotLK Arena Boost on the Frostyboost website. I was considering several options where I can buy Lich King arena boost services. So, I chose between Blazing, lfcarry and Frostyboost. In the end, I chose Frostyboost, and my choice is not accidental. I chose them because the support on the site convinced me that this site and these guys should be trusted.

I’ll tell you why and here are some of the main reasons why I chose Frostyboost for my WotLK arena boost.

Firstly, they always use a professional VPN, as well as some kind of program that changes the computer’s ID, and thus the chance of getting a ban is really reduced to zero. Surely, taking their word for it is not always a good idea, but I believed them, and later I became convinced that they do everything honestly and in the way they write about it. I always saw in bnet logs the exact location where I live. Also, they always sent a screenshot of their computer and their computer had the same device ID as the one I sent them.

Secondly, I studied information about them and their WoW Classic arena boost services by surfing the Internet. At least I was pleased that they have very good reviews on Trustpilot. And they look really natural, unlike blazing, for example. 

And, thirdly, after our communication with the support on the site, they offered me to chat in discord by voice. We got on the phone and in the process of communication they showed me the real proof that their clients really get the Gladiator titles and really good ratings in the arena. They also showed me that all the orders were completed without any problems with the security of personal accounts, and this despite the fact that the probability of a ban in this segment is really, really high.

After talking with support, my doubts were completely dispelled and I ordered WotLK gladiator boost from them without any doubt.

Purchase process

I would also like to note that I was personally very pleased with the payment method. I am used to using cryptocurrencies, and it was very convenient for me to pay with a USTD transfer. I thought they didn’t have that option like most boosting companies, but they accept crypto, paypal, bank transfers and cards. Well, the payment process was quick and hassle-free.

Order fulfillment

It’s been 3 days since my payment and I started to worry. I had doubts that I was deceived, but on the 4th day the manager contacted me in discord and said that now the boosters will start the execution of my WotLK arena boost and they need my account information. I provided my account details and on the same day the boosters got a 2000 rating. After that, I finally calmed down. As it turns out, there was no need to worry. After receiving the order, they took some time to assign a booster and schedule a time to play. During the WoW arena boost I ordered, I was constantly sent screenshots with progress. After the end of the season, after 2 weeks, I received my coveted gladiator mount and I can confidently recommend this company and all its WotLK arena boost services. I’ll give them 5 points out of 5. 

I am attaching a screenshot for you with my mount ^^