Will Video Slots Supersede Classic Slots One Day?

There is no denying the popularity of slot games regardless of the type. However, living in an increasingly digital age, it begs the question of whether modern video slots will take over and render the classic ones obsolete. We hope that this day never comes, even if digital slots become more prominent due to a permanent nostalgia tied with classic slots, and it would be a shame to see them go.

Let’s take a closer look at the two types and whether or not one has more staying power than the other.

Slots in the UK

In the UK, you can find players who stand on both sides of the argument or plant their feet firmly in the middle. For all those aged 18 and above, slots are a fun pastime not within in-person casinos and online venues. 

Slots don’t require much skill to play, which is why they are ranked among the most popular games. However, it’s still useful to know some basic tips when picking and playing the right slots in the UK.

Our gambling expert, Ella Houghton, has an impressive resume in casino games you can view, and she has many tips to offer.

Classic VS Video Slots

In order to understand and make an informed call about whether an online casino slot machine will take over from a classic one, we need to understand the ins and outs of each. Let’s start with the classics.

Classic Slot Machines

Classic slots can be digital or a land-based machine. These slots can be summed up by saying they are simpler than video slots. Aside from a smaller playing grid that usually comprises a 3×3 reel setting, they don’t have many special features either. 

You may have a wild and scatter, but bonus games and expandable reels may be out of the question. Because they have a smaller grid and fewer features, free casino slots with a classic design don’t offer as many pay lines or as high a win as video slots.

You may be wondering why people still play classic slots, especially since most slot reviews nowadays focus only on video slots. The answer is simple – it’s a throwback to slot games of old. Other than that, we think the simple gameplay with no frills also takes the pressure off of having to land certain symbols to trigger the big wins.

Online Video Slots

If we summed up video slots with one word, it would be “complex”. Not that they are difficult to understand, but they are definitely more intricate than classic slots. For starters, they offer everything the classics do but bigger and more. They have more reels, usually a 5×3, which results in more pathways. 

Due to the extra pay lines, there are also bigger chances to get more wins, and the wins also tend to be higher. The video slots tend to be feature-packed and come with many special symbols and mechanics. 

Then there is the design. While classic slots can also have different themes and graphics, video slots do them better. Players tend to gravitate towards video slots for the variety, higher wins and more features. 

Verdict to the Question 

The jury has come back with an answer to the question of whether video slots will supersede classic slots one day, and it’s a resounding yes – at some point. We believe it’s possible, but not completely. Throwbacks and nostalgia are a very human thing to miss, which is why we believe you can always find old school classic slots, just like old VCRs, classic slots have their appeal.

We do believe that video slots will become more prominent and be the go-to slot games in online and in-person venues. The question is only when this will happen and at what rate.

In the meantime, we suggest players that enjoy the classic options do so as often as they can. But don’t worry, because even video slots borrow the retro slot theme design even if they do add extra features here and there.


An eventual phase-out of old-school classic slot games will most likely happen in the future, so enjoy them while you can!