Will Charles Be The Next King?

Although there is no denying that the Royal family are popular, there have been times when some members of the Royal family and dipped in the public’s estimations – and that is certainly something that Prince Charles has experienced. Betway Insider recently looked into the popularity of Charles and Diana’s wedding and there is no denying that back then he was loved by the public. Of course, a big part of this was down to the world’s love for Diana and as such, 750 million people tuned in to watch the live TV broadcast news of their wedding in 1985. However, he definitely lost publicity points when they divorced and when rumours churned of infidelity and his 2nd marriage to Camilla back in 2005. Popular or not, the question on most people’s minds is whether he’ll be crowned the next king.

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The Next King

Realistically, until it happens no one can be sure what will happen when the Queen passes, or if she resigns before this happens. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from having an opinion and experts guessing on what the most sensible approach will be to crowning the next King of England.

As it stands, Prince Charles is in first in line to the British throne. What this means is that when the Queen passes on the title, by default it will go to him. However, when you consider the fact that Prince Charles is already 72 years old, there are many that feel he would not be up to the job. Not only that but for the good of the UK it could be that someone younger and more relatable would be deemed a better choice. If that is decided that Prince Charles could simply hand the crown to the next in line – which is his eldest son, Prince William. Insiders say that this conversation is one that has happened since Prince William was a teenager and as such, for members of the Royal family if this were to happen it would not be a surprise.

Prince William as King

William and his wife Catherine have centred themselves as a Royal couple that is relatable to us every day folk, which makes him a popular choice for who should be the next king. Of course, none of us can say what any ruler will be like but it is thought that should William wear the crown, he’ll be making a few changes. William has talked publicly about what life would be like if he were to be king, and a big part of this is the fact that he feels it important that the Royal family stay relevant. An inside source has also talked to numerous newspapers about their insider knowledge and how they think things will pan out if Prince William does become king. “In future, they will rip up the rulebook and do things ‘the Cambridge way’,” the source said. “They’re trying to work out what that will look like. “It is not a criticism of how it was done in the past. But times are changing.”