Wild West Dynasty Set for Release in 2022

Ever since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, western themes have been incredibly popular throughout the gaming industry. The latest offering for players to enjoy is Wild West Dynasty, and it will provide a new way to experience the American frontier. Thanks to the enormous popularity of the genre, this upcoming title for Microsoft Windows has the potential to be a hit.

Title to Give Players a Fresh Way to Enjoy the Wild West

The western genre may be slightly out of favor in Hollywood, but in the gaming industry, it’s going strong. There are now loads of ways to feel immersed in those wild times, with RDR2 having sparked an increase in the number of action games featuring horses and gunslingers.

Wild West Dynasty is an original concept in the genre, and it will allure players who are searching for something slightly different. The title was developed by Moon Punch Studio and will be released by Toplitz Productions sometime toward the end of the year. It’s a city-building simulation game that will allow players to build ranches and other settlements. They can allow others to join their community and over time the aim is to grow into a thriving town. Indeed, according to the game’s synopsis, players can set out on a mission to “become the most powerful man in the West.”

Game Will Capitalise on the Popularity of Wild West Themes

Wild West Dynasty is likely to attract a high number of players thanks to the immense popularity of Wild West themes throughout the gaming industry. On every platform, there are countless titles for players to choose from, highlighting just how much interest there is in the genre. For example, in the mobile gaming sector, players can choose between games like Westland Survival, West Gunfighter, and Wild West: Farm Town Build. Each of these offerings provides a slightly different take on the era.

The online casino sector is another market in which westerns are prevalent. In the slots market, there are usually loads of wild west games to choose from. For example, Playstar has a long list of slots on offer, with titles like Dead or Alive standing out. The game’s thumbnail features an outlaw, classic bounty poster writing, and a smoking revolver – tropes that players will instantly recognize if they’ve played other western games.

Evil West is another Top Western Game to Play in 2022

For PC and console players, Wild West Dynasty isn’t the only great-looking game to play this year. One of the most exciting titles is Evil West, which is set for release in November according to Digital Trends. The title from Flying Wild Hog provides a twist on the traditional format and features a wild west populated by a vast range of undead beasts.

Players will be able to traverse classic western settings and use all the weapons that would normally feature. There will also be more fantastical elements, such as a gauntlet that allows players to accumulate electrical energy. The hype is strong for this game, with IGN already posting a preview detailing what players can expect.

Wild West Dynasty could be one of the top games in the western genre, providing players with a new way to enjoy the era. It will be a lot of fun building towns from the ground up using a variety of resources.