Why your business needs a FANUC spare parts specialist

FANUC is a vastly popular automation specialist specializing in the development of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, industrial robots, injection molding machines, wire cut EDM, etc. Many organizations across industries around the world trust FANUC products for automating various processes in their factories.

However, every business owner understands the need for contingency plans in case things go wrong. In such scenarios, a FANUC spare parts specialist can quickly identify and fix the underlying issues, thereby helping you get your production lines running again. Moreover, every organization utilizing FANUC automation products should be in contact with an online store maintaining a vast catalogue of FANUC spare parts so that they can quickly find spares when required.

In the following post, we take a look at what a FANUC spare parts specialist does in an attempt to define why your business needs one on standby.

What does a spare parts specialist do?

A spare parts specialist oversees various departments at a production facility, ensuring that the organization never runs out of spare parts and components. They check the inventory closely during the production cycle and work closely with vendors or online stores that keep a vast catalog of FANUC spare parts to get the correct ones for the business.

Spare parts specialists also document the transactions to ensure that every exchange follows the company policies and that the organization always has spare parts ready to replace in case of a breakdown. They also work with internal and external purchase departments to ensure that all the parts reach the respective departments on time.

List of FANUC spare parts a specialist can change

A FANUC spare parts specialist can get you new and refurbished parts for the following on a CNC machine – 

  1. Alpha Power Supply
  2. CPU and PMC Board, Power PCB
  3. Spindle Control Board, Drives and Amplifiers
  4. Power Supply CNC and Input Units
  5. Servo Drives and Amplifiers
  6. Servo Motors Alpha, Beta And S
  7. Master Board
  8. Pulse coders and sensors
  9. CNC Panels, monitors, and membrane key sheet
  10. Fans and batteries

Why do you need a spare parts specialist for your business?

  • Quick response: Building a relationship with a spare parts specialist is vital for your business. These professionals can help you get replacement parts for your CNC production machines, thereby preventing significant downtimes.
  • Skilled repairs: Finding an expert repair person during a crisis can be an arduous task in itself. Spare parts specialists are either skilled engineers themselves, or work closely with a team of technicians who can offer quick solutions. They can tackle a vast range of problems that might arise during the production process.
  • Diverse job description: While the primary job of a spare parts specialist is to find spare parts shortages and restock the inventory, they also perform a wide range of duties, including custodial duties, setting up orders for daily shipments, and aiding management, etc.

In addition to the abovementioned duties, a FANUC parts specialist can also help you find parts for older CNC machines. Spare parts specialists maintain a vast catalog of FANUC spare parts, helping you get the necessary repairs promptly and get the production cycles running again.