Why should you choose nearshore software development? 

Nearshore software development is one of the forms of outsourcing that has gained popularity in recent years among software development companies. It helps to create, develop and deliver projects for a company that cannot take them on by itself.

Nearshore software development is becoming more and more popular, since according to the latest surveys more than 64% of companies have chosen to outsource their application development processes.

All this new trend of nearshore software development has made clear two very important things, one is that more and more companies are looking to outsource their software and programming processes and the second is that companies in this area are increasingly competing with each other.

When a company wants to outsource its work, it must be a decision that must take into account many factors and take the time to understand exactly what nearshore software development is based on, how it can be profitable and what the best nearshore software development company can be.

Developing software is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time, effort and money, plus a great team to make an excellent delivery of such a project. It is for this reason that when faced with the need to create such a job, companies will be faced with the choice between outsourcing or in-house style of work.

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What to consider before choosing nearshore software development?

There is no denying that outsourcing software development, especially nearshore, has become a great option for many companies. There are also other very important factors to consider to make this type of work pay off.

Not going too far from home

It is true that nearshore software development opens up a whole world of possibilities for companies, as they can work with any company around the world. It is advisable that they choose another outsourcing software development company that is not so far away.

It would be ideal to look for outsourcing companies that are on the same continent, this is mostly so that time zones do not become a problem when it comes to holding team meetings and planning new work and projects.

Consider a pool of talent from each country

Nnearshore software development is excellent because there are thousands of qualified companies that can do this work, however you have to be prudent in choosing the next software vendor. Be aware of the talent and background of each country.

Generally in Latin America and North America there are software companies that have a high percentage of good projects done in the technology sector, as well as excellent levels of education and a great overall experience for companies looking to outsource software development.

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The cheapest option is not always the best option

This is one of the reasons why most people choose to outsource their software development process. Although nearshoring is not very expensive, it does not mean that you always have to choose the cheapest option available.

This is because it is not always the cheapest service that offers the best quality. You should look for companies that offer excellent outsourcing solutions with reasonable and affordable prices combined with experience in their background and completed projects.

Take advantage of working at the same time

Hiring nearshore teams brings certain advantages that you can take advantage of, such as, for example, not having time difference, since you can choose a nearshore company that can work together with your team as it is near your country.

Speed of development and flexibility 

When a company hires a nearshore software development team, it can be assured that they will be 100% focused on the project they are assigned. This means that the project will be developed faster, since the engineers do not have any kind of distraction or extra task to take them away from their main goal.

These teams also tend to be very flexible, being able to adapt to any type of schedule and requirement that the client may present, since they are usually very experienced professionals and updated with the latest technologies.

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Cost savings 

This is one of the main reasons why companies seek nearshore support for the development of their projects: budget. Outsourcing a nearshore team of software engineers and developers will always be more affordable than a direct hiring, since seniority payments, vacations and other administrative commitments must be covered.

On the other hand, under the nearshore software development modality, you will simply pay for the work done by the team, no more and no less. In addition, in certain countries the hourly cost of IT professionals is much more affordable than in others, which represents an opportunity for companies on a tight budget.

In general, hiring outsourcing services will represent many benefits for the company. Since you are not investing in a full in-house software development team, or making the current workforce work on something they are not experts in, you can concentrate on core business tasks and therefore increase the company’s productivity.