Why Should A Regular User Go For a Vape Subscription Box?

Over the past decade, we’ve seen many new things in the world of vaping – new mods, e-liquids, different flavors, CBD vape products, vape pens, and so much more. Since vaping became popular, it was evident that technology and trends will change quickly. 

That’s a great thing because consumers always have something new to look forward to. Today vapers can get a vape subscription box as another brand new service that makes their lives even more exciting. You probably heard about it somewhere but didn’t know what it’s about. 

Chances are, that’s why you clicked on this post. So let’s see what vape boxes or vape subscriptions are all about. 

What is a Vape Subscription Box? 

A vape subscription box is one of the most convenient ways to get your vape products. Lots of online stores offer vape subscription boxes. It’s a subscription offer where you get your favorite vape products each month or even twice a month. 

Some subscription services are designed to surprise consumers and give them random products. Other stores let you choose which products you want to be delivered in your next “vape box.” By subscribing to regular delivery, you get a far better price than shopping retail. 

In essence, you will be getting your vape mail each month with a lot of surprises. Your orders are automatically charged after you subscribe. However, you can cancel your subscription at any given moment, but let’s look at some of the other advantages these subscriptions offer. 

Try Something New Each Month 

This subscription service is an excellent option for discovering new flavors constantly. Of course, you probably have your personal favorite juice that you want to have at all times, but it’s also good to test out different flavors. Who knows? You might even find something you like even more. 

What’s great about this service is that vendors will send you their latest stuff. But they won’t send you just any flavor, but the ones that you might like based on your previous purchases and preferences. Still, every vendor is different, but they will want to deliver something that you like

Some subscription services will ask you questions before signing up to give you something that you will love. Others will contact you on a monthly basis and talk with you about their latest products, and so on. 

Set Your Monthly Budget 

When you go to a vape shop constantly and buy new products, you never really know how much you’re spending. A vape subscription gives you the option to set a strict monthly budget for your vaping products and stick to it.

 A lot of people subscribe to a vape box and don’t ever think of buying anything else. Let’s face it, we all love vaping, but our hobbies shouldn’t disrupt our finances that we need for other important things. This kind of approach lets you know exactly how much you’re spending each month and not a cent more. 

So you can choose the products that you want within a budget and avoid spending any more money. At the same time, if the money is tight, you can skip a month and then let your subscription continue the next one. 

Getting the Latest Products

 Most vape subscription box services include both vape juice and hardware in their deliveries, which means that you’ll get all the latest stuff you need to try out. You probably know well that vapers like to customize their taste with different coils, pods, mods, tanks, juices, and so on. 

It’s an excellent opportunity to do this regularly while always trying out the newest stuff. When we go to a shop directly, we are often not willing to try out new things. However, with a subscription service, the deal is already done. You will get new things whether you like it or not, and you’ll get used to this real quick. 

You Will Save Money 

Not only will you find it easier to establish a monthly vape budget and stick to it, but you will also save up because the prices are lower when you are a loyal subscriber. When you subscribe to regular deliveries, the vendors give lower prices on all products. 

Naturally, they cherish customers that are going to be with them for a long time. Additionally, if you’ve been subscribed to some store for a longer time, you will get customer loyalty bonuses, discounts, and pre-order deals. 


If you haven’t yet, make sure to try out vape subscription services. Why waste time going out to a store and getting stuck in traffic jams if there’s no need for it? Take the time to find the right vendor for your needs and create your own monthly vape budget!