Why invest in gold and which coins should you buy?

In recent years, many people have understood the importance of investing in the stock market . Among the many offers available, gold coins are the preferred choice of many investors.

Indeed, these gold coins offer many advantages when you know how to choose them. By reading this article, you will discover the benefits that come with investing in gold coins . Also discover the best coins to invest in.

The advantages of investing in gold

A pile of coins

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When it comes to investing in the gold market , many people prefer coins over bars. Indeed, this choice is not trivial, because the purchase of gold coins has multiple advantages for investors. At the bank level too, these types of investments help keep interest rates low.

A secure investment

Investing in the stock market is not an easy decision, because there are many parameters that influence the market. Among others, we must note the financial crises between economic powers (such as the United States and China), the health crisis of Covid 19 , etc.

To limit the risk of loss, many people then look for secure investments like gold. Over time, the areas of investment have multiplied and gold is now considered a stable value . Gold coins are then seen as safe havens, especially during financial crises.

An investment accessible to all

Many people mistakenly believe that investments in the gold market are reserved exclusively for the well-to-do. This misconception is a real brake on the development of this investment market.

In reality, it only takes a few hundred dollars to get gold coins. For example the gold napoleon 20 francs costs 274.20 euros, while the gold napoleon 10 francs has a value of 159.90 euros. Depending on their weight, gold bars can vary from 2370 euros (for 50 grams) to 46,990 euros for a kilogram.

Prudent savings

While it is true that investments in gold offer many interests, it should be noted that they also have limits. Indeed, investments in the gold market do not offer dividends or interest to the investor. However, the profits are very interesting as soon as the curve increases in the stock market.

In other words, one could say that gold does not enrich, but it helps to stay safe from want and lack. So if you want to enter the market for this metal, keep in mind that it is simply a value that protects.

Easy conservation

One of the reasons many investors flock to buy gold coins is because the coin is easy to keep. In reality, storing these coins does not require spending money unless the investor chooses to store them in a bank.

It is also interesting to note that a gold coin does not lose its value, regardless of the time that its conservation lasts. On the contrary, they gain considerably in value to the point of experiencing a growth of nearly 600% after 10 years.

Preferred gold coins

If you want to invest in gold coins, it would be a good idea to make a good selection in advance. Indeed, not all gold coins are profitable for investors.

Napoleon pieces

Although the Napoleon coin is counted among the best-preserved coins, it is not widely known in the world. On the other hand in France, this piece is very popular because of the many advantages it offers. Indeed, the Napoleon is a profitable and safe coin because of its strong composition in pure gold (90%).

Still called the 20 gold francs , the Napoleon coin is delivered in various models, but the dimensions and weights are all equal. The Napoleon coin is recognizable by its effigy (quite variable) and its unique color.

On the market, you can find pieces with representations of Napoleon I or III, Louis-Philipe, or even Ceres. If you want to invest in this coin, it is advisable to do so when the napoleon 20 f rating is low.

If in the past it was difficult to find this part, this is no longer the case today. However, it should be noted that the value of the coin is defined from its weight. Apart from this 20 Francs Gold coin, there is also the half-Napoleon which is a gold coin whose value is 10 francs.