Why I Stopped Going to Dispensaries and Buy Secret Nature Delta 8 Instead

A vape cartridge may not be the hands-down best way to consume cannabis. Offering reduced control compared to dabs and reduced intensity compared to smoking, vape pens are also prone to clogging and don’t deliver the thickest hits ever.

Nonetheless, hooking a vape cartridge up to a battery and taking a big, long hit is my favorite way to use any type of cannabis. As Secret Nature’s blog writer, I recently switched away from buying cannabis products in the state of Washington and now rely on Secret Nature delta 8 vape cartridges for all my personal needs. This isn’t your average article — it’s a personal testimonial to the impressive power of Secret Nature delta 8 to bridge the gap between cannabis and hemp.

Why did you switch away from going to dispensaries?

As a former cannabis grower in the Washington state medical marijuana market and a former operator within a recreational cannabis production facility, I knew my way around the legitimate cannabis industry both inside and out by the time recreational marijuana became widely available in Washington state in 2015. My initial disappointment rapidly evolved into concern and then outright disgust that has gradually simmered down to quiet acceptance of the many remaining iniquities in the Washington State cannabis industry. 

My economic support of said industry was always a marriage of convenience. I was simply waiting for a better option to come along. 

What is it you like about Secret Nature?

There’s so much I like about Secret Nature that it’s hard to list everything. Secret Nature has been my preferred client for nearly two years, and I’ve eagerly anticipated the release of every new product.

CBD just isn’t really my thing. I love CBD, and I especially love what it does for other people — people with chronic pain, insomnia, or anxiety that previously defied all attempts at treatment.

I’m healthy, though, and what I need more than anything is something to temper the fires of creativity and disconnect my mind from time to time. Delta 8 does that for me without many of the negative side effects of delta 9, solving multiple problems simultaneously.

Is Secret Nature delta 8 good?

As a hemp industry professional, it’s my duty to be aware of the current status of the market; which products are trending, legal controversies, et cetera. Starting in 2020, I watched the rise of delta 8 with some dismay. Many producers were clearly operating outside the law and making products so abysmally low-quality they could do nothing but harm.

It’s a testament to the awesomely destructive impact of cannabis prohibition that so many people around the country instantly leaped on the opportunity to buy delta 8 regardless. We’re a nation desperately in need of relief, and the devastation left behind by alcohol and prescription opioids simply isn’t cutting it anymore.

It was with great joy, therefore, that I learned Secret Nature was planning to launch delta 8 products. Having worked with Secret Nature for some time and having tried many of their products already, I was convinced this was the solution the delta 8 industry and its countless suffering customers truly needed.

Secret Nature delta 8 offers the same quality you’ve come to associate with Secret Nature CBD products, but this time, what you’re smoking gets you high. Albeit, the delta 8 high is quite a bit different from the delta 9 high once you get used to it, and we’ll get more into that later. But, it’s definitely a high, not a non-intoxicating sense of relaxation like you get from CBD.

What is it like to buy delta 8 from Secret Nature?

Secret Nature’s website runs on the Shopify platform, which actually makes it easier to shop with Secret Nature than it is with Amazon. Shopify, with its Apple Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay integration, is the way of the future.

I simply chose my products, scanned my face, and instantly got a notification in the Shopify Shop app confirming my order. Ridiculously smooth, extremely impressed. I’ve received Secret Nature products to review before, but this was my first time going through the purchase process. Here’s a step-by-step of how it works:

  1. Select your products from the Secret Nature shop
  2. Go to your cart, and select Checkout
  3. Choose your payment method
  4. You can use traditional payment, Shopify payment options, or even Bitcoin
  5. If you have Shopify Shop integrated, you’ll get a confirmation notification the moment you pay
  6. Otherwise, you’ll receive a string of emails from Secret Nature, including a personal note from Tyler William, the founder
  7. When your order ships, you’ll receive another Shop notification and/or email
  8. I placed my order Monday and received it Saturday
  9. 5-day delivery is slower than normal, I attribute it to ongoing USPS staff shortages
  10. You’ll receive yet another notification and/or email when your order is out for delivery
  11. Secret Nature orders arrive in the nicest packages ever
  12. They remind me of the mailers expensive designer jewelry comes in
  13. Very well-packed, but one of my vape cartridge boxes was crushed
  14. The cartridge inside was just fine
  15. I had no trouble hooking up my cartridge and digging in

What do Secret Nature vape carts taste like?

Before we get into the effects of my cartridges, let’s cover an important point: flavor. By now, I’ve tried vape carts from more than a dozen Washington producers, and they run the gamut from delectable to downright disgusting.

Secret Nature cartridges taste, in a word, “professional.” From a single puff, you can tell Secret Nature isn’t f**king around and that their terpenes are caviar-level top-shelf.

The underlying extract is ridiculously good-tasting, too. For delta 8, which usually has to be converted from other cannabinoids at this point, this distillate tastes remarkably natural and full-bodied.

There is a slight harshness to the draw that I attribute to the unusually high terpene content combined with the even more unusual quality of the terpenes. Counter this minor detractor by setting your vape battery to its lowest setting and keeping it fully charged.

What does smoking Secret Nature delta 8 feel like?

Based on my own experience and what I’ve seen on the web, It can take a while for the slight differences between delta 8 and delta 9 THC to make themselves apparent even to long-time, habitual users. At first, many users simply describe delta 8 as being weaker, but that’s not exactly the case.

It’s a hard feeling to put into words, but delta 8 seems to be almost identical to delta 9 except that a peculiar type of emotional fog is notably absent. Long-time cannabis advocate and actor Woody Harrelson famously stopped smoking weed because of a reported sense of emotional disconnect, and we wonder how he would feel after smoking Secret Nature delta 8.

The usual bent toward paranoia, anxiety, and emotional imbalance is nowhere to be found in the effects of the delta 8 form of THC. You get the same sense of euphoria, relaxation, and confidence that usually accompanies the THC high, but you remain remarkably clear-headed as you make your way up into the clouds. 

Does smoking delta 8 feel like weed?

Somewhat regrettably, I’ve smoked weed off-and-on since high school. My experiences with cannabis bridge multiple decades, and I’ve seen weed transform from a secret, shameful thing into a mainstream, acceptable recreational drug and medicine.

I can say with some confidence, therefore, that delta 8 is definitely “weed.” For anyone out there worried this is another CBD, let me assure you this is not the case. Delta 8 definitely gets you high, just in a cleaner, more comfortable way than delta 9.

Making the switch to the world’s best online cannabis dispensary

I’ve observed the evolution of the recreational cannabis industry both at home in Washington state and around the country with some degree of well-deserved dismay. Regulations that on the surface appear to keep producers accountable end up lining the pockets of corrupt bureaucrats, practically demanding reductions in product quality just to meet the absurd taxation rates imposed by state authorities.

Like any top-down, profit-over-people system, the loosely-interconnected domestic recreational cannabis industry exploits consumers and stifles entrepreneurship. Operating outside the context of state-regulated cannabinoids, Secret Nature is free to pursue the ideals of free enterprise that originally made America so exceptional.

In the end, there’s nothing altogether that special about the CBD and delta 8 products Secret Nature produces — or at least, there shouldn’t be. Judged in contrast with an industry seemingly designed to turn out low-quality or even dangerous products at the fastest rate possible, though, Secret Nature stands out as the lone reliable, high-quality source of cannabis to be found anywhere in the country.

Eventually, the example Secret Nature has set as a responsible, conscientious, yet freely acting cannabis producer may inspire systemic change within the domestic cannabis industry. When an online seller operating outside of any established framework can produce products leaps and bounds safer and better-quality than what is currently offered in recreational cannabis dispensaries, there’s something extremely wrong with the system that is in dire need of change.

When you go to a brick and mortar dispensary, you have to put on a mask and choose between a paltry array of assuredly disappointing local and regional products. Everything Secret Nature sells is potent and high-quality, though, which is something you can verify for yourself using nothing more than the third-party resources available on Secret Nature’s own website.

To be honest, the quality issue took a backseat for me personally. My biggest problem is being forced to get in the car and drive a significant distance to buy something when everything else that I need in the world can now be bought on my smartphone with the touch of a button. Finally, with the advent of Secret Nature delta 8, the same is the case for my personal cannabis supply, and the sense of relief is profound.

  • Secret Nature deta 8 is considerably higher-quality than the mean average of competing recreational cannabis products
  • The Secret Nature purchasing process is ridiculously easy, the packaging is high-quality, and orders arrive discreetly and promptly
  • The convenience and reliability of always having access to the same brand is a huge relief to cannabis consumers constantly shunted from one producer to another as supplies run out
  • Secret Nature takes the stress out of buying cannabis and makes the process as relaxing as consuming cannabinoids itself
  • While it may seem like an aberration now, Secret Nature‘s unique take on cannabis will likely serve as the default model as the industry revolutionizes
  • Amazingly enough, the price of Secret Nature products is the same or less than the average in recreational dispensaries despite offering dramatically higher quality
  • In recreational markets, Secret Nature cartridges would go for at least $60 without the battery
  • You save a lot by cutting out the middleman and buying directly from the producer
  • Support free enterprise; enjoy awesome cannabis; pay with Apple Pay, PayPal, or Bitcoin