Why are Neon Genesis Evangelion-inspired Pachislots so popular after all these years? The latest Pachislot of Evangelion confirms it

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It is safe to say that the gambling scene in Japan is fairly different compared to the rest of the world. This is due to the fact that it is prohibited by law to gamble in Japan, and land-based casinos are illegal. While this is the local situation of online gambling, it doesn’t mean that avid Japanese players do not have any alternatives to playing games that resemble the idea of gambling. So, there is a catch. 

Interestingly enough, the online casino market is on the rise and constantly flourishing. Some casino games can be played online as there is no law forbidding Japanese from accessing a few casino websites that consist of the particular games that are permitted, such as lottery or sports betting. 

Hence, passionate players in Japan can safely and legally play some type of game. In addition to this, Pachinko or Pachislot games are the closest things to casino slots that have been a part of Japanese culture for a long time and still are incredibly famous around the country. The mechanical game of Pachinko is very similar to the arcade games born in the 1970s, using the features, appearance, and characteristics of the typical and globally known arcade game you would find in Western countries.

In Japanese culture, the popularity of Pachislots perfectly intertwined with that of anime. For this reason, the famous anime mecha series Neon Genesis Evangelion has inspired many Pachinko games since its release in 1995. Why are these Pachislots so popular after all these years? The short answer is simple: both this anime and Pachinko are a classic in Japan, adored by many. Now let’s dive into this fantastic universe with the latest Pachislot of Evangelion. 

What are Pachinko parlors?

Pachinko parlors are land-based locations where people can visit and play the famous Japanese arcade-like game called Pachinko. The similarities between Pachislots and their Western relative extend to the atmosphere they create – bright colors, the specific loud sounds, and all-together energetic ambiance they convey. You might ask yourself why these Pachinko parlors are so famous and popular nowadays and whether there is a difference between them and classic arcade games.

Pachinko parlors are not a type of casino, although the games are the Japanese version slots. Pachislot games are allowed in Japan because they are not technically considered a gambling activity, given that you do not play to win money. Instead, you win tokens – not coins – that you can then use for special prizes. 

Another loophole that permits the legal play of Pachislot games is the fact that another parlor, different from the Pachinko parlor, can be used to sell the tokens and get real money for them. Given that this exchange doesn’t happen on the same premises as where you play the game, it isn’t considered gambling.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: anime meets Pachislots

There is no secret that in Japan, the anime industry is booming, has always been and continues to be extremely popular. Plus, the fanbase is not solely located in Japan, nor is it primarily the Japanese people. Anime is an incredibly appreciated type of animation by many individuals worldwide. Its specific aesthetic, beautiful and profound storylines with beloved characters have achieved worldwide fame. So, it isn’t surprising that in 2019 the anime industry revenue – domestic and global market – amounted to 2.5 trillion Japanese yen, which is around 23 billion US dollars.

One of the most famous anime, which remains a classic amongst anime lovers, is Neon Genesis Evangelion. This anime within the mecha genre, featuring robots and people-operated machines, is a series of films that aired from 1995 until 1997. A decade later, a series of four other films were released, with the last one premiering in 2021. This goes to say that the popularity of this game is nowhere near decreasing. For this reason, Neon Genesis Evangelion met halfway with Pachislots, and the result was yet another success. 

Among many interesting visual features of the anime-inspired Pachislot, such as the specific symbols with characters from the movie, there is also the fact that there are 3 types of big bonus patterns at Neon Genesis Evangelion Pachislots. It goes without saying that this is an incentive for avid players, apart from the fact that this classic anime inspired the game’s theme. 

Why is Pachislot Evangelion AT777 so special?

Similar to how the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime has several series, so have the Pachinko games inspired by this television series. One of the latest Pachislots from this series is Evangelion AT777, specifically the eleventh on the list, launched in 2019 when it also reached Pachinko parlors across Japan. 

Although, across the years, there have been many Pachinko games with this theme released, their popularity remains the same. The same goes for Pachislot Evangelion AT777, among the last to be launched on the market. Regarding the gameplay, avid players have noticed that there are many points that can lead to victory when playing Pachislot Evangelion AT777. This, combined with the fact that it features the famous anime’s theme, is what makes this game so unique for passionate fans.

The future of Pachislots

The market size of Pachinko and Pachislots in Japan is not insignificant. More specifically, the Pachinko market adds up to 20 trillion Japanese yen, which is a substantial and considerable portion of the leisure industry in Japan. So, it can be safe to assume that the future of Pachislots is looking bright. Although there has been a slight decrease in Pachinko parlors visitors in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this is slowly picking up again once restrictions are not as strict anymore. 

The next step in the future of the Pachinko industry is the integration of Pachislots in the online environment. How quickly this will happen is still uncertain. However, the demand for this type of Japanese slots is continuously on the rise, so the online version of Pachinko will likely be met with the same enthusiasm. For many individuals, not having to go to the parlor each time they want to play Pachislots will be a much-awaited change. What’s more, people not residing in Japan will be able to fall in love with this game remotely.