Why are God themes related to slot games?

Themed slots have been around for some time. You can argue that even the first slots that were released in the 19th century were also themed because the symbols were based on card faces and lucky charms – click to play mobile casino.

Gambling bans forced themes upon slot games as these machines rode out bans disguised as vending machines that gave out sweets and gum as prizes instead of cash. The fruits remained on the reels after gambling bans were lifted and this gave birth to the Fruit Machine slot. 

Online Video Slots 

Themes took off when virtual video slots were introduced in 1996. Once the technology really developed, symbols became more inventive and more specialized and continued to deviate away from traditional playing card symbols. Because of the revenue generated by slots, these production houses could afford to buy the rights to hit TV shows and films. With the rights in place, slots developers could base slots on these shows and the actors from them would star on the reels. 

Obviously, there is so much more out there to tap into as inspiration for slots games, and gods and mythology offer huge potential to slots creators because these tales are full of drama, huge characters, and fantasy. 

The Age of The Gods 

Gods such as those found in Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian culture have been popularised by many slot games and because the stories and imagery behind them are so dramatic, these elements tend to translate well, when they are brought to the reels. The general public are also aware of these tales as many of them have been taught to individuals at schools across the world. 

Playtech has built a slot empire around Greek gods in their aptly titled Age of The Gods slot franchise. These slots really took off in 2016 and new additions to the series are still being released every year. Each god featured comes with their own iconography and narrative that is weaved into the slot games themselves. Some of the titles include Age of The Gods: King of Olympus, which is based on Zeus the ruler of all gods and mankind. He is often symbolized through lightning bolts and eagles. 

Age of The Gods: God of Storms was the 8th release by Playtech, in the so-called god slot franchise. The game hit the slot circuits in 2017 and revolves around the story of Aeolus the king of the winds who was appointed by Zeus to guard storms. 

Gods Rule the Slots World 

Gods continue to rule the slots industry and Playtech has official become one of the most successful slots developers in the world because of these deities and the stories they bring with them. Norse Gods and Egyptian gods have also spawned successful slots such as Hall of the Gods, Thunderstruck II and Book of Ra. With technology continuing to improve, gods will continue to be the basis of new games and 3D animation when introduced more widely, will help to bring these characters to life.