Why a bong can actually be a good choice for beginners

If you’re new to using a smoking apparatus, you might be concerned – if you have never used accessories with moving parts, complicated mechanisms, and a more tedious set-up process, you can be scared that you will mess something up. However, even if you are new to smoking cannabis or using accessories, everyone has to start somewhere! 

Furthermore, what if we told you that some of these “complicated” mechanisms are actually sometimes beneficial for beginners? Not only can they help you feel comfortable with a variety of smoking methods, but they can increase the number of smoking consumption methods that you feel at ease with – thereby helping you feel more confident in the smoking world and understand what type of high you enjoy, what you do not like, and what is safest for you to use. 

Why a bong can be good for beginners

If you’re new to smoking cannabis, you might have heard that using a bong is only for advanced users. However, sometimes using a bong is a good choice for a beginner. Just because it has more moving parts and apparatuses that you may have never heard of – think of a percolator, down stem, bowl, and carb hole – once you understand what these are, you are good to go! All you have a while to do is understand the mechanism and how it works, and then you can safely use the bong without any drawbacks. Visit site to get yourself a bong.

Control the amount of inhaling

The first benefit of using a bong for beginner cannabis smokers is that you can control the amount of smoke and water vapor that you are inhaling. Compared to other methods, such as edibles – when you get the high all at once – or pipes – where it can be difficult to control the amount of inhaling – you can easily control how much you’re inhaling with the bong. You can control the amount of items you’re covering the carb cap, which dictates the amount of smoke held in the chamber. Furthermore, you can control the length of your inhale – this way, you can either increase the length of your pull or shorten the length of your pull.

Use in social settings

The next reason that using a bong can actually be good for beginners is that it is a very social smoking method. In comparison to other choices, such as pipes, vape pens, and edibles – which you can all use by yourself – you typically use bongs with others for a social and fun atmosphere. If you are using the bong with others around you, you can reduce the risk of any potential side effects from derailing your day or causing you to be sick. If you accidentally smoke too much – and you are by yourself – this can increase the risk of any health complications. However, if you’re using a bong, chances are you will be with other people – meaning they will be there to help you with the initial side effects. 


Even though using bongs has always been deemed for advanced smokers and now for beginners, using a bong can sometimes be beneficial for those who are new to smoking.