Who Are the Best Players to Play in the MLB?

For years, Major League Baseball aka MLB has witnessed some phenomenal players. Throughout baseball history, many players changed the face of the sport, making it one of the leading games across the globe. From Mickey Mantle to Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and others remained the face of MLB. Enthusiastic baseballers were determined to leave a legacy behind.

All these baseball players are featured in the trading cards industry as well. To date, their fans pay homage to them and purchase their sports cards to show their respect. The thriving baseball cards with Hank Aaron are available for acquisition, where the fans are bidding the highest to get their hands on their hero.

But the time has changed! And today, the existing players are the fresh faces of MLB who are carrying the legacy of their beloved old heroes. Let’s find out who are the best players in MLB right now, with the capacity to become a household name in the future!

Mike Trout

2021 has not been amazing for Mike Trout from Los Angeles Angels. With a seriously torn calf muscle injury, Trout was able to hit only 8 home runs. He stole only one base and retired for the whole season. With mediocre play and the poorest defensive metrics, Mike Trout had the worst season.

However, a single season cannot prove anything. Throughout his career, Trout has been one of the top MLB players with a record of 310 home runs. With eight Silver Slugger Awards and two Hank Aaron awards, Trout has proved himself as one of the toughest contenders on the list. MLB hopes that in 2022, Mike Trout will return in his previous fitness form.

Ronald Acuña Jr.

The 24 years old outfielder from Atlanta Braves is another powerful baseball player in the MLB. With 2 Silver Slugger Awards and being Stolen Bases Leader, Ronald Acuña Jr. is one of the most feared hitters of the Braves. However, in 2021 he suffered from a ligament tear that forced him to retire for the rest of the season.

Before his injury, Acuña managed to make 24 home runs, 17 stolen bases, with 51 RBIs. With a total of 105 home runs, Ronald Acuña Jr. achieved a lot at such tender age. He is a fierce player, and the fans hope him to return in his past glory, ready to smash some incredible runs.

Mookie Betts

Los Angeles Dodgers when acquired Mookie Betts, they had no idea about the impressive qualities he held. They were amazed to see his interesting defenses, his powerful hitting the ball with his bat, and the speed at which he runs. Despite troubling back and shoulder pain, Betts hit 23 home runs with 58 RBIs.

Mookie Betts is 5 time recipient of the Gold Glove Awards and 4 Silver Slugger Awards. Betts also received the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award. With a total of 178 home runs and 146 stolen bases, we hope Mookie Betts continues trilling in the upcoming season.

Gerrit Cole

Being an enthusiastic starting pitcher at New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole is an incredible baseballer in MLB. With 1,673 strikeouts and a 3.20 earned run average, Cole is the main highlight in his team. Throughout his time in MLB, Gerrit Cole became AL ERA Leader in 2019, MLB Strikeout Leader in the same year, and AL Wins Leader in 2021. 

Cole was first signed by Pittsburgh Pirates who later traded him with Houston Astros. In 2019, Gerrit Cole was signed for $324 million by New York Yankees, who knew the potential he holds. To date, Cole has made a significant name in baseball. And we hope the legacy will continue.

Fernando Tatis Jr.

The sky is the limit was confirmed by the talented Fernando Tatis Jr. who plays for San Diego Padres as a shortstop. With the nickname “El Niño”, Tatis is the son of Fernando Tatis Sr. His father was a notable and only MLB player to hit two grand slams in the same inning. With 2 Silver Slugger Awards, Tatis Jr. was named Home Run Leader in 2021.

2021 proved exceptional for San Diego Padres where Fernando Tatis Jr. hit 42 home runs, 25 stolen bases, and 97 RBIs. The young and powerpack Tatis Jr. is ready to take 2022 by storm and we are also ready to witness his greatness in the field again.

Christian Yelich

Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Christian Yelich is one of the enthralling baseballers in their team. He joined Brewers in 2020 and the same year he made 12 home runs. However, 2021 was not great for him due to injury. His lingering back problem caused severe concerns, and due to this reason, he left the season halfway to rest.

The managers of the Milwaukee Brewers are hopeful that Christian Yelich will return in 2022 with a full recovery. To date, Yelich has received 3 Silver Slugger Awards, 1 Gold Glove Award, and 2 Hank Aaron Awards. Let us hope to see him shining again in the 2022 season in his former glory.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the top baseballers we expect to play fascinatingly in 2022. Some of these were not able to perform well in the previous season i.e. 2021. The injuries they sustained forced them to go back and rest well.

However, their spirits are still alive. They all seem ready to battle in the fields again in 2022 and show the world the power they possess. All of the players are celebrated and cherished in the MLB world. Who knows, when someone will become Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron or Mickey Mantle or Ty Cobb and change the face of Major League Baseball again.

These players have the potential to rewrite the history of MLB and shine like bright stars. Throughout their rookie years, they remained unbeatable. And we hope they always remain invincible throughout their Major League Baseball aka MLB career.

Author Bio:Scott Trick has collected sports cards since the early 80’s and because of his love for collecting he started the website https://sportscardsauthority.com.  His favorite players are Robin Yount and Hank Aaron, but he cherishes all sports and all cards like they are art.