Which tournament pays the most to its athletes

Aside from Barcelona and Real Madrid’s dominance in terms of player compensation, the report released by Sporting Intelligence’s Global Sports Salaries Survey has a surprising headline: the Indian Premier League of cricket is the sport’s competition in the world that pays its players the most for each game played. Information of this quality, with lots of added extras, are available for exploring at the http://1x.news/ website. This puts the IPL over competitions like:

  • the English Premier League;
  • the Spanish La Liga;
  • the MLB from the United States.

Since the Indian Premier League has 14 regular league games, each participant in this tournament charges €310,325 on average each game played. These values significantly outperform other leagues’ average pay, such as the NFL or the Premier League. Other leagues, such as the NBA (each player would charge 81,385 euros per game) or La Liga (65,452), are even farther away from an IPL player’s average income per game. More information about this can be found at the 1xNews website.

The research also provided other details concerning the Indian Premier League

According to the article, a significant increase occurred as a result of a new broadcast rights arrangement negotiated this year with Star India, valued at 2,214 million euros for the rights to the matches for the next five years. Another useful information are the cricket predictions for today free from 1xnews website.

The Indian Premier League of Cricket is also notable for the small disparity in salaries between the best-paying team (the Kolkata Knight Riders, with an average of € 4.55 million) and the worst-paying team (the Chennai Super Kings, with an average of € 4.076 million), bringing the ratio of difference between the highest and lowest-paying clubs to 1.12 to 1 in 2018. Another reason why individuals should choose to inquire about the cricket predictions free from 1xBet for today is because of this.

Even more interesting information

Furthermore, all of the clubs in the Indian Premier League are ranked in the Top-65 in the worldwide list of teams who pay their players the most each year, and they are all in close proximity to one another. Kolkata Knight Riders are ranked 52nd overall, while Chennai Super Kings are ranked 64th. Those who make the 1xBet download app procedure will be able to wager on all of these excellent squads.
In general, these numbers are not really a surprise. This is because India is the second most inhabited country around the world. This means that at any moment there are hundreds of millions of fans paying attention and what happens there. The app download 1xBet is a great way to wager on those matches.