Which security features should every modern mushroom picking lorry have?

Safety should be a number one priority of every workplace, but especially one whose workers deal with heavy machinery and difficult conditions. Mushroom picking lorries are one of the most important pieces of equipment of every mushroom growing farm, and the security features provided by it should be always taken into consideration when deciding between different models and manufacturers.

But what security features are the most important? What to look for in a mushroom picking lorry to be sure that it will help keep the workplace safe? We’ll explain everything below!

New technology keeps the pickers safe

The first important solution that a good, modern mushroom picking lorry should have is a reliable automatic stoppage system. Its role is to detect any and all obstacles in the trolley’s way (other employees, objects) and immediately halt its movement. In many cases, this feature may be crucial in preventing unnecessary, problematic workplace accidents.

That’s not all. Another interesting feature is chip logging. If activated (it can be deactivated by a supervisor if needed), the lorry won’t start unless the picker will have a special proximity chip. It’s a good way to make sure that only the people who are authorized to use the trolleys can do so.

Other security features include stability protection. For example, in the PASCAL model, stability protection is ensured by double circuits of inductive sensors. It means that the lorry won’t get off the right track.

Non-electrical security features are crucial as well

Modern technology allows for implementing revolutionary security features, such as the one that allows the mushroom picking lorry to stop in the blink of an eye when an obstacle is detected. However, in some cases, clever design that doesn’t incorporate electricity at all is the way to go.

For example, the door to the lorry that only uses a simple winch, but opens to the inside. This way, there’s no way to comfortably work without closing it, so there’s also no risk of a picker working with it open and falling out. The same result could be achieved with a sensor that detects whether the door is closed and alerts the picker if it isn’t, but this way, the possibility of a malfunction is much lower.

Some other non-electrical, but very important security features include a non-slip working platform (it’s especially important since a mushroom growing farm is a high-humidity environment) and solid, easy to grip guardrails. A high-quality frame made of stainless steel is very stable, thanks to the trolley’s low centre of gravity among other things.

By using a mushroom picking lorry that not only meets all the relevant safety and quality standards but exceeds them greatly, a mushroom growing farm owner can ensure his business’ smooth and effective operation. Modern lorries have a mix of advanced electrical and non-electrical features that guarantee the pickers’ safety without lowering their productivity. Such lorries can be purchased from experienced suppliers, such as GROWTIME, which provides professional support and maintenance.