Where to find all Action Figures in GTA Online?

The new GTA Online is all about finding Action Figures Locations. The new update gives the players some relaxation from crime, theft, and similar sins. The players can be a little sane this time since there won’t be any activities like stealing cars, robbing banks, or murdering people. The recent GTA update is making players excited about the idea of finding 100 action figures.

All these 100 action figures are hidden in different locations across a map. You need to know these locations to get a chance to reach these figures. Locating these figures won’t come easy, but as a help, GTA’s action figures are significantly bigger, and they glow so players can recognize them easily. However, they would still be out of sight since this is what keeps the game interesting.

The GTA Action Figures

You need to investigate a lot and look into every nook and corner. However, not everyone prefers to spend that much time, and many players want to get the mighty reward in a hurry. For those, we are going to assist today and help them to find all action figures without much effort.

To start the game, players need to wait till they receive a message from the owner of the Hardcore Comic Store. The owner tells the player that someone stole all his action figures, and now your mission is to bring all of them back. The store owner is a friend of Lester, and that is why such a criminal gives players the job to find action figures this time.

Each action figure that you find gives you a reward of $1,000 and 1,000 RP points; all action figures hence help you make $150,00 and 150,000 RP points. In the end, when you find all 100 figures, you get the real reward which is a costume of Impotent Rage. Wearing this dress also comes with a new hairstyle that players can use to cosplay in the game.

Access to Rewards

Along with the Superhero costume and the money, you also get access to the things with which you can décor your penthouse. These are:

Mini Alien

Mini Beast

Mini Impotent Rage

Mini Pogo

Mini Princess Robot Bubblegum

Mini Commander

Mini Space Ranger

Mini Sasquatch

Some players have already finished with finding all 100 action figures and have got their rewards and costume. This makes the search even simpler as you would have many videos to watch and play the game accordingly. However, it is also important to understand the map so you can get an idea of all the locations where the figurines can be.

There are various maps too which you can find. One such map we are going to share here. You can save the image and use it while playing, or you can make a copy of it.

This map shows the locations of all 100 figurines. You need to locate all these red pins, which you can also zoom in to get the exact location. On the map, you will see that there are 98 markers and one large marker. Remember that you first need to find the 98 figurines before you approach the bigger marker. This is because the bigger marker doesn’t appear until you find all the 98 action figures.


So this is how you can find the action figures in GTA online and get a taste of the rewards and the Superhero costume. The players who have already searched the action figures have put various videos and games which you can use together to get even more assistance. Get in search of the action figures by your car or helicopter and be ready to get rewarded.