At your meetings, a lot of you ask the same question: What Silicone Underwear can I wear with this kind of dress? Do I have to remove my bra? Are these big or little Silicone Underwear? Since our dresses may be worn with a variety of undergarments, we chose to provide a selection of our favorites to go with each of our designs.


Brooklyn seems to get the most inquiries about undergarments. What should I do if I want to wear a bra but it has a low back? We do, however, offer you a few options.

Nipple shields

If you don’t need a bra and simply want a little bit to cover you up, nipple covers are ideal. Both the fabric petal covers, which are ideal for one use, and the silicone nipple covers, which are reusable, are recommended.

The first choice is silicone nipple covers.

Both in crepe and satin textures, these inexpensive beauties provide the Brooklyn-style dress with a smooth appearance below!

Option 2: Nipple covers made of fabric

The silicone nipple covers are thicker than these fabric coverings, thus they could be more suitable for you. These covers come in a bundle of 3, however, they are not reusable.

Low-Back Converting

A low back conversion will be your greatest friend if you like to wear a bra with your Brooklyn. You should be able to conceal the strap in the back V of the dress or just behind the waist sash if you attach it to any strapless bra and draw it down at the back a little bit further than shown above. You may even use a tack stitch to gently attach the back of the bra to the dress if you are concerned that it will show on the big day. Just keep in mind that it exists when you take off your dress at the end of the day!

No seams

These seam-free thongs are ideal for wearing underneath the Brooklyn for a polished appearance. We also provide a Brazilian-style fit if you like to wear a larger knicker. Both of these are available in nude, so they go well with any color outfit!


When wearing a strapless bra, spaghetti strap designs like the Mykonos and Ibiza look their finest. We have some excellent choices for you, so you don’t have to worry about attempting to conceal the straps or not having adequate support with a strapless bra.

You can get the SOFTEST strapless bra you’ll ever discover at Marks & Spencer. Because they are so silky and smooth and leave no seam lines, lumps, or bumps beneath your dress, we constantly suggest this in our consultations and we know that many of you like what M&S offers. Even if you wear the straps on like a regular bra, this bra will offer you a wonderfully soft seam-free finish and look great with the Berlin dress.

Searching for possibilities for a larger bust? We’ve got you, so don’t worry!

For those of you with larger busts, Bravissimo has several various Silicone Underwear designs that fit up to a K cup. All of our models look great with multiway and strapless choices, but for the best support, we choose the Fake Vagina Panties Strapless Bra. If you use this bra with a different kind of clothing, the straps allow you to convert it to a cross-back or halter neck.


Due to the racer back of our Vienna dress, your straps will be seen if you use a typical bra. Not to worry, however; our bra clips have you covered. To give you a racer look back to wear under your Vienna dress, they are incredibly simple to use and incredibly secure.

Berlin, Florence, and Seville styles

Bridget briefs are perfect with the Florence and Seville styles if that is what you prefer and feel most comfortable wearing. The world is your oyster, so go for it! Today visit us: Crossdressing Shop: