Where Can You Bet On Cricket in India?

You don’t need a sports analyst to figure out that cricket is the most popular sport in India. And while most people know that fact, they are only aware of cricket fans and spectators. If you consider the number of people who engage in online cricket betting in India, you would be surprised by the size of the market. Many sports fans love to stake on their favorite cricket teams—allowing them to enjoy the sport while making profits on correct predictions.

In India, you can bet on cricket both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments; however, we would recommend the online variant. It presents more advantages alongside unmatchable efficiency.

Why is Cricket the Favorite For Most Indian Bettors?

The question remains – why cricket? Of all available sports, why do Indians tend to prioritize cricket over any other? Why are their punters also seeking where they can get the best cricket betting services and care less for other sports? As you read on, we will explain why this sport remains the first choice for Indian players.  

Good History

If you trace the history of cricket in India, you will find nothing but praises for the sport. The sport traces far back in the country and today, the Indian Premier League (IPL) remains one of the largest cricket leagues in the industry. Since its first edition in 2008, the league has had a significantly clean record among sports authorities.

There are barely any cases of match-fixing or rigging events against bettors. So all punters in the country are certain that they are playing on a level field. Besides, the league is backed by prestigious sponsors and sports organizations. 

Regular Tournaments

Generally, sports that have a high volume of tournaments, cups, and other special events tend to attract more players. And if there is a sport with a relatively high frequency of tournaments yearly, cricket is among. Bettors look forward to this event because it presents better opportunities; higher odds, increased game frequency, and other extra leverage for punters to win more.

Besides, it is very easy to follow all these events live in India. The authorities are aware of their citizen’s interest in the sport so they broadcast it frequently. All players just need to do is tune in at the right time—no need for excessive charges or physical presence to enjoy the games. 

Extensive Options and Live Betting

Cricket in India offers numerous varieties of betting options that naturally promote it. Some popular ones that bettors love are:

  • Match Bet
  • Completed Match
  • Top Bowler
  • Top Batsman
  • Tied Match
  • Innings Runs 

And many more. 

For a sport that offers these caliber options, it is only natural that bettors are attracted. And since it is the most watched sport in the region, most would pick it over any other sport. 

Cricket live betting is also another great option since the sport favors a change in odds. And the games have lengthy intervals with sudden twists so players would prefer to place live bets. 

Benefits of Betting on Cricket Online In India

Now that we know why Indians prefer cricket, the next question is – why do they prefer to bet on it online? Let’s take a look at the benefits it presents:

  • Unmatchable Convenience: Everyone is always seeking greener pastures and the online variant provides just that. It is easier for Indians to sit with their mobile devices and place their wagers right from their homes. Going to bet shops means you will face queues and other frustrating encounters. So the convenience online betting brings is unmatched by the physical variant. 
  • Security and Safety: When online cricket betting was on the rise, most people’s fears and concerns were about security and safety. However, provided that you gamble on a secure website, you have nothing to worry about. Such sites are well encrypted to prevent external attacks. To be sure that the website can guarantee your safety, check if it possesses a valid license from a reputable body. 
  • Bonuses: Since cricket is obviously the most loved sport in India, bookies are aware and they tend to give numerous offers and incentives to players. Physical betting establishments barely offer bonuses and when they do, it is nothing compared with what the online bookmakers offer. Players are aware of this fact and they love bonuses so it is natural for them to choose the one that rewards them more. 
  • Freedom of Choice: By freedom of choice, we mean that Indian players are free to choose any online bookie so far it is legal in the country. They are not restricted by location or any barrier. But with physical establishments, distance is a factor and punters have no option but to stake in locations that are closer to them. 

These are only a few of the numerous benefits that online cricket betting uses to outweigh its physical counterpart. After considering all these, it is no surprise that many players are migrating into the online space. After all, they only want the best for themselves.