WhatsApp Aero APK Latest Version

Today we will know about the Aero WhatsApp Apk which is a modified and updated version of the original app. Many users are moving and loving this app. Because of its features and user satisfaction. In this article we will know all about the app.so keep reading to know more. 

About WhatsApp Aero APK

Now, most of communication will not complete without WhatsApp, which has become the first application for file sharing, messaging, and voice note communication. Moreover, WhatsApp communication uses end-to-end encryption for messaging. Due to this, all communication becomes more private and secure. Furthermore, message delivery status is also a feature that is more feasible to the user . As a result, now more than 40 million users of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Aero Apk is a game changer in the aspects of theming and performance. It has been developed by Bozkur Hazarr he is a turkish developer and he is passionate about coding and founder of FlexiMobile.

This app is mainly focused in theming and features are the same as FouadMods.in others words it is a re-build and updated Fouad Mokdad’s version.

App Details

App NameWhatsApp Aero
App Compatible with5.0+
App Latest versionv14.20.2
App DeveloperBozkur Hazarr
Application Size47 MB


Features of WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is a remarkable instant messaging app as it allows users to customize the look and feel of the app. Along with this users will get to use some pretty cool features that aren’t present elsewhere. Here are they:

Basic functions – in this app we can customize the theme like any other instant messaging app! This means that it has a chat, send media, call and more functions. It’s similar to WhatsApp but added with more functionalities that people wish were on the real app. But the developers have personally created this wonderful app to compensate for the lack of functionalities, improved performance of other apps. with this app can serve as your instant messaging app.

Share Images and Videos – The original WhatsApp allowed users to send files such as audio, videos and images. However, there was a huge limitation as they imposed a limit to the number of images we can send at once and the size of the video files you send. But in WhatsApp Aero, the limits have been improved more than what it was. Here, we can share up to 10 images in one message. Apart from that, we can also share videos which have a size of up to 100MB. This attracts  the users to use this app for so much more than just your regular instant messaging app.

Titanium Backup – Although all instant messaging apps like  Facebook Messenger are powerful, but have limitations. They don’t have a backup feature like WhatsApp Aero. In this app, it has something called a titanium backup wherein it automatically backs up the user’s data! This is a wonderful feature to have most of our data will be found on the internet. Our chat contacts, histories, media files and more are on the care of our apps. One wrong move our data will  be deleted permanently.

Set App Password – Another great feature that this app has that it allows users to set a password to the app. It could be a real lifesaver if we want to protect this app from other users.

Hide Media – Apart from that, we can also hide media in this app. This app can serve as your file saver for our media such as pictures, gifs, filesvideos and more! This where we can save us and keep data in a secure file without going into the wrong hands.

Change Themes –  this is one of the great features we can change the theme of the application as we wish. there are over 3000 themes to choose from! You can change your theme everyday if you can.

Change Fonts – Apart from that, we can even change our fonts to make it more exciting!.

Anti-Delete –  with this feature we can disable the deleting. To overcome the deleting  of messages accidently.

Hide Ticks – Have ever if we wanted privacy so much that we wish we can hide blue ticks? Now we can with WhatsApp Aero! Apart from this, it also allows you to hide single tick and double ticks.

Customize the Conversation Screen – with this we can customize the layout of the Chat screen.

Emoji Variants – In this, there are so many emojis available in this app that we can use! We can also add Facebook emoji to your chat conversation!