What’s the Best Way to Switch to Real Money Casino Games?

In the online casino world, players have two options, they can either gamble with real money or play money. Playing casino games with play money is a risk-free way of practicing your gambling strategies before moving on to play with actual money. It’s also a great opportunity to learn the rules of different games and improve your skills. However, there are some major differences between these two modes of gambling. For this reason, we’ve created a guide to help you switch from play money to real money. 

How to Switch from Play Money to Real Money Gambling

1.Find a Site Appropriate to Your Skill Set

Playing at sites that offer beginner tables will allow you to develop your skills while limiting your exposure to more experienced gamblers. This way, you can learn and gain confidence while minimizing your risks at the same time.

Some websites can also be difficult for beginners to navigate. It’s risky to gamble your money at a site you do not fully understand. Therefore, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the casino website before you begin gambling. Better still is if you can play for real money at the same online casino where you have been practicing with play money.

2.Tighten up Your Game

One thing about playing casino games is that you will always get punished for your mistakes. Therefore, when you’re playing with real money, you need to avoid making mistakes at all costs. Additionally, you should be actively looking to exploit your opponent’s mistakes. 

To tighten your game, start by only placing low-risk bets. As you get better, you can increase the risk factor of your bets, but to start with, you need to be cautious. It’s also important to remember that you’re more likely to make mistakes when you first start to play real money games than other experienced players. Therefore, you should focus on playing games where you have a better or equal chance of winning. For example, if you’re playing poker, you’ll want to avoid getting involved in too many pots. Instead, only get involved in pots where you have a decent chance at winning. This means that you only play strong hands. Otherwise, you’ll experience what’s known as leaking chips, which can create a large hole in your bankroll. 

3. Mind Your Account

When you register for play money games, many casinos will offer you a ton of tokens as well as daily or weekly bonuses. For this reason, many play money players will try to exhaust their daily token amount by playing a variety of games and placing large bets. However, this mindset can be dangerous if carried over to real money games. For instance, this mindset doesn’t give you a clear sense of your accounts. Therefore, understanding how much money you have in your accounts is crucial to playing real money games. Additionally, if you play too many games one after another, your concentration and decision-making abilities will be negatively affected. 

Furthermore, in real money casino games, having a sense of your bankroll will enable you to experience the thrill of a big win and the feeling of a loss. This way, you will be able to adjust your strategy to match your position. 


When switching to real money casino games, it’s important to remember that you now have money on the line, so your risk factor is increased. Therefore, you should choose the right gambling website for your skill level and start small by playing low-risk bets in small amounts. Additionally, you need to learn to avoid mistakes and to identify those of your opponent. Lastly, keeping track of your bankroll and playing shorter sessions will help you maintain a level head and make the right decisions.