What Questions To Consider When Buying A Bubbler and Tips to Using One

With the never-ending list of smoking accessories available in the market, people are ready to try new ones. When starting to use a bong or bubbler, the first question most people ask is, “How to use it?” This article will go over what you need to know about buying a mini bong, how it works, and how to use one. 

What Type of Bong Do You Want?

The devices share many of the same qualities as bongs; however, there are some distinct differences. The shape can vary depending on your preference but usually follows the basic straight tube design. There are also various percolators like tree percs or drum/cylinder perc, which provide more filtration/diffusion than average percolators.

Some mini bongs come with different percs but the same overall tube design, while others look like a regular bong with a mini bong attachment. The latter design is often referred to as a “pocket piece.”

How Much Do You Have to Spend?

These tools come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from $20 for acrylic or plastic pieces up to $200+ for heady glass dab rigs. It’s safe to say you can find something suited to your price range no matter how big of a smoker you are. 

When buying online, read the description carefully so you don’t get ripped off by receiving something different from what was advertised. Many local stores will carry reasonably priced items, but it’s best to shop around before committing to anything. Try asking friends or checking out some online reviews. 

Spend at least $100 for a decent, decently sized mini bong that you can use regularly. You may find a great deal on mini bongs and think it’s too good to be true, so you should always do your research and check any bad reviews/complaints about the product before buying.

What Size of Bong Will You Want?

Size is mostly up to personal preference, but none can say what works best. Everyone has different preferences due to smoking habits and physical differences in lung capacity between people. 

In general, more significant pieces usually provide larger hits and require more weed to fill them up. Keep this in mind when purchasing. 

Is There Any Specific Type of Mini Bong You Should Buy?

There aren’t any “types” per se, but some designs are better suited for certain activities. Pocket pieces and mini rigs (like the one pictured below) are suitable for smoking with friends because they’re very portable and easy to carry around. 

You can find bubblers in all shapes and sizes, and materials; you have to do a bit of research into what is available before buying. Many different percs can come with mini bongs now, such as honeycomb percolators. So if it has a perc you like, then go for it!

How Much Water Should Be There?

The answer to this question is dependent on personal preference. You may like a lot of water in the mini bong because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t have any sludge in the bottom when you’re done smoking, but not everyone agrees. 

Most people don’t use very much water in their bongs, so it may be a good idea to add a little bit just in case. Experiment with different amounts of water until you find your favorite.

How To Smoke Out of A Bong?

Bubblers are pretty simple pieces that share similarities with bongs (filtered smoke that passes through water, for one). Place herbs inside your mini bong bowl/slide, then place this piece into the opening of your device. 

Some bongs have a stem that you can remove to transform into a mini smoking device if needed. Light herb and pull the slide out so you can see the flame through the water. This will ensure good airflow when pulling, so you get nice big hits. 

Smoking doesn’t have many rules, so adjust your technique until it works best for you.

 How Do You Clean The Tool?

Cleaning a bubbler is maybe the easiest thing, so smoking with friends is your best option if you find cleaning daunting. All that’s needed is soaking in some rubbing alcohol or soap and water for a bit, then drying it out. 

It doesn’t take much time to clean one of these pieces correctly, but feel free to skip this step entirely if you’re feeling lazy.

What Are Good Accessories to Have On A Bong?

You can use tons of different accessories with your mini bong, including ash catchers, dropdowns, diffusers, and perc sticks; The list goes on! Some people like using an ash catcher because it can prevent possible damage from occurring to the slide as well as helping to prevent ash from getting into your mouth. 

The dropdown connects your slide/bowl piece to a stem that can be removed to be used as a mini bong, and perc sticks are just decorative pieces people use for aesthetic appeal. These can all look nice with a mini bong setup, but many of them aren’t necessary because the piece’s design already acts as an ash catcher and provides water filtration.

What Other Smoking Accessories Should You Have?

Many smokers prefer glass coolers over glass mini bongs due to their smooth hits and efficient cooling system, so these are worth looking into if you don’t want a mini bong or bong.

Dab rigs are also standard for smokers who prefer concentrates (which can be smoked with or without terpenes depending on taste preference), but if you want to learn more about this type of smoking, it’s best to do some research into dabbing.

What Are the Different Types of Bongs?

Most people understand that bongs are designed just like mini bongs, except they have a long tube extending from the water to reach higher up. There are also many different materials used in creating these pieces besides glass, such as acrylic and ceramic, and more. 

Acrylic is usually more lightweight than wood, so it may not stand up too well over time, while ceramic is heavier but sometimes breaks easier. Some cool features that don’t change the piece’s function include showerhead percs and honeycomb percs, but you can use each type for different flavors/effects depending on preference.

Finally, remember, smoking shouldn’t feel like a chore so take your time learning each detail about smoking. As long as you follow these smoking guidelines, it shouldn’t be hard to create a smoking experience that works best for you.