What Is The Ideal Way To Learn The Violin In Singapore?

There are several ways you can learn the violin in Singapore, and each way comes with its advantages and disadvantages. What is the best way for you to master playing the violin in Singapore and become a great violinist? Let us take a look at the various different methods you can use to learn to play the violin in Singapore.

Firstly, you can learn the violin by hiring a private home violin teacher in Singapore. The violin teacher will travel to your house in Singapore, and teach you from the convenience and comfort of your own home. In fact, this is a very popular option among many aspiring violinists in Singapore. When you hire a private home violin teacher in Singapore, he or she will be able to fully customize your learning curriculum. No matter whether your goal is to ace your ABRSM violin exams in Singapore, to play the violin for fun, or have aspirations to become a world-renowned violinist, a private home violin teacher can do that for you. The downside is that you need to know how to look for a good home violin teacher in Singapore, as not all of them are good. If you are searching for the best home violin lessons in Singapore, then you should check out Musicion, which is a free private home music teacher and student matching agency with services in Singapore. On top of that, Musicion provides some of the best violin lessons Singapore price for its students because they have some of the best and most extensive connections with private violin teachers all over Singapore, and provide them with lots of students in exchange for lower rates for their students.

Second of all, you can go to one of the physical and public music schools located at shopping malls throughout Singapore. Many of these music schools in Singapore offer you violin classes. The big advantage that such physical public music schools in Singapore have is they often have a very clear cut curriculum. If your goal is to pass the ABRSM violin exams in Singapore only and nothing else, and are willing to travel to take your violin classes, then learning from at a music school can be a very good idea. The downside is that if you want any kind of learning or curriculum flexibility, that will most likely be impossible.

Third of all, you can try to learn how to play the violin by watching online tutorials such as on YouTube or similar video-based websites. This is the cheapest way you can learn, and if budget is your only concern, then this can be a very good idea. However, the downside is that you may ironically take much longer to truly master playing the violin at high levels. Why is that so? It is because every single violinist student makes mistakes.

The problem is that because you have no one to correct you, you need to depend on your own ability to spot your own mistakes and correct them yourself. This can be doable after you are very experienced. However, as a beginner, this can be the hardest thing. Additionally, bad habits for your playing of the violin may set in and cause lots of problems in future. The longer a bad habit is with you, the harder it is to remove it in future. With a good Singapore violin teacher next to you coaching you though, he or she will be able to immediately identify your mistakes and nip your problem in the bud before they become bad violin playing habits.