What Is the Free Bet of Online Bookmakers?

A free bet is a bonus that you receive as a gift from bookmakers. With this bonus you get the chance to bet on sports events without having to use your own money. You will often receive free bets when you first register with a bookmaker not on GamStop. In addition, bookmakers regularly hand out free bets for specific events or competitions.

What Is a Free Bet?

Before we explain the different types of free bets, it is good to know what a free bet actually is. A free bet is a bookmaker bonus that allows you to bet without using your own money. With the free bet, bookmakers actually pay your bet. They do this to introduce you to their platform and of course hope that you will continue to play with them and not with one of the competitors.

Types of Free Bets that Non GamStop Bookmakers Offer

There are different types of free bets which we will explain further below:

  • No deposit free bet
  • Cashback bonus
  • Free bet as a deposit bonus
  • Free credit
  • Risk-free bet

No Deposit Free Bet at Non GamStop Bookmakers

The no deposit free bet is a bonus where you can earn free money without having to make any deposit. So it’s really completely free and you don’t have to do anything for it.

Bookmakers often offer this bonus to thank you for trusting their platform. In reality, of course, they mainly hope that it convinces you not to switch to another bookmaker.

The no deposit free bets are often linked to a specific event or competition. Do not expect very high odds with these types of bets because the bookmakers have of course not completely lost their minds. They want to give something as a gift, but it shouldn’t cost them too much. Nevertheless, it is a fun way to play without any financial risk

Cash Back Bonus at Non GamStop Bookmakers

With a cashback bonus you play with your own money but without risk. If you lose your bet, the bookmaker will refund your stake to your account. That amount is often deposited in the form of a free bet.

  • Example:

If the bookmaker offers a free bet of €25 on a match and you lose, you will receive a €25 free bet as compensation for your loss.

The difference between a cashback free bet and a classic risk-free bet is obvious. With a risk-free bet, you get your stake back as money. With the cashback free bet, you get your bet back in the form of a free bet.

Free Bet As a Deposit Bonus

The free bet as a deposit bonus is the most commonly used free bet bonus form. This free bet is often used by bookmakers as a welcome bonus. You will only receive your free bet as soon as you have made a deposit into your account.

The amount of the free bet as a deposit bonus often corresponds to the deposit you make. For example, if you deposit €10, you will also receive a free bet with a value of €10.

The free bet as a deposit bonus is often subject to conditions. How strict these conditions are differs from one bookmaker to another. For example, you will have to invest more yourself at one bookmaker for a high free bet than at another. Other conditions like wagering requirements and time frame can also have an impact on the attractiveness of the bonus.

Free Credit

A popular variant within the free bet bonus is free credit. You will receive credit with which you can bet on sports events for free. The big difference with the classic free bet is that the amount of your free bet is not fixed. You decide how much credit you want to use. The proceeds of the free play credit may be linked to conditions that the bookmaker has set for the bonus.

Risk-free Bet

A risk-free bet is often confused with a free bet. With a free bet you receive money from the bookmaker to play with while you play a risk-free bet with your own money.

The similarity between the free bet and the risk-free bet is that you cannot lose your own money. With the free bet not because you do not play with your own money and with the risk-free bet because the bookmaker guarantees your loss. So if your bet is unsuccessful, you will not lose any money.

Free Betting Tips

To have more chances of playing and winning, there are four main things that you should take into account before placing your bet, namely:

Always Pay Attention to Non GamStop Bookmakers Conditions

There are many different wagering requirements associated with free bets. For example, a minimum odds may apply, but also a maximum bet (which is often a fixed part of the classic free bets).

The Winnings Are Often Deducted From Free Bet Amount

If you win a free bet worth €5 at odds of 2.5, you will not receive €12.50 in your account. You will receive €7.5 because the value of the free bet does not count. To convert the value of your free bet into real money, you have to bet on a sporting event that has a minimum odds of 2.00.

Just As Free Bets Have Minimum Limits, They Also Have a Maximum Limit

This means that you cannot bet on games with sky-high odds or play bet builders where you can turn a minimum bet into a profit of a few thousand euros. So, always check the wagering requirements to find out what the max odds or max payout of the free bets are.

Often Free Bets Cannot Be Paid Out Directly

Usually due to the bonus conditions.