What is the best way to find a UX design agency?

When you run a business and want to expand your product or create a new one, you probably wonder how to take your product to the next level. One thing is the idea, but another is the user’s reaction. To avoid unnecessary work and waste of resources, you should prepare your product perfectly. Alternatively, you may consider hiring a UX design company – professionals at connecting businesses with their users.

Successful product development requires companies that take care of user experience design. It will research your competitors, look at the market, understand your users, and design a product that is wanted, functional, and easy to use. A UX company helps you launch new products to the market by eliminating many difficulties and guiding you through the different stages. Their advice is often valuable, professional, and can even be instrumental in your product’s success.

You might be wondering: how do I find a good UX design agency or UX studio? The following article will provide you with some valuable tips to help you in your search. To begin with, let’s look at UX designers.

Comparing UX agencies with in-house designers

A company can either bring roles and responsibilities in-house or outsource them. UX design follows the same principles. A UX designer you hire and onboard can be a great help, as can external experts. There are positives and negatives to both solutions.

With its experience and expertise, the agency is a good choice

A successful agency will have a proven track record of working with multiple clients on several  projects. Rather than having a single UX designer, the agency’s team will have a much broader experience. Moreover, UX agencies have a wide range of skills to offer. Throughout the design process, each team member focuses on a particular aspect.

If you are hiring a UX designer for the first time, you will need to establish your procedures and rules of communication. The UX agency already has the design process in place and serves in it every day, so you save time by working with them.

You save time and money by hiring an agency

Moreover, you can also save money on the tools you need in your day-to-day UX job. Professional apps like Invision and Sketch do not require license fees. Designers at the agency purchase the tools they need to do their jobs.

There is a good chance that an agency will work faster than an in-house UX designer. Using external experts allows your company to benefit from their ability to deliver high-quality projects promptly. A new agency’s onboarding is also faster than that of an employee.

In addition, collaboration with a UX agency gives you control over project costs. You must know exactly what the project will cost, the timeframe for completion, and the outcomes before you start working with the agency.

Keep the agency in the information loop or…

On the other hand, there are some downsides to choosing a UX studio over an in-house designer. The UX expert that you have onboard will always have direct access to the company’s information and a much greater extent than external professionals. A member of your team works with other departments of your organization daily, so they can notice potential problems within your product much faster.

There are downsides to working with an agency, but you can overcome them. Remember that sharing all the key product information and internal processes necessary for a UX design is crucial if you choose the agency model. By doing so, you will save yourself time and frustration.

What makes an outstanding agency different from an average one?

There is a continuous increase in the number of UX agencies on the market.

Choosing the right UX agency has become increasingly difficult as the variety of potential partners grows. An outstanding agency, however, differs from an average one by a few factors. You should consider these factors when choosing a partner:

  • Don’t just outsource UX, seek consultancy. Partnering with your agency should be your top priority. Despite offering operational services, external designers should also recommend solutions that meet your business needs. Outstanding UX agencies consider all aspects that affect your product when designing UX.
  •  Examine the portfolio of the agency for real-life cases. You will be able to see a portfolio from every UX design agency. Make sure that the projects that were built for previous clients brought real value to the business while reviewing the agency’s website.
  •  Find out how the agency operates. UX design processes vary from agency to agency. It’s important to know whether your preferred agency follows a research-driven approach to UX or just “does UX” based on gut instinct. It is important to check what your users want and how they behave when designing your UX.

How can partnering with the best UX design agencies benefit you?

When choosing a UX design company, you must make a strategic decision. Different processes and methods can take your product to a whole new level. UX agencies ensure that a product is not only usable and functional, but also targets the right audience. Furthermore, they are aware of the needs of your audience. More importantly, they will provide an end-to-end service if they are prepared to handle other aspects of the launch. As a result, you are so close to achieving your goals. Therefore, choosing the right one is very important.