What is the best online casino game to win money in the UK?

A lot of thought has to be put on which games that you play while in the casino.

The long list of games that you will be given can easily confuse you into choosing the wrong games to play. While Most of these games may all be fun for players, the level of their profitability greatly differs. How do you therefore choose the game with the best odds and payout rates for gamblers?

This is the choice that will help you find an ideal way to make gambling your side hustle otherwise you may end up complaining and even quitting the venture.

The best way to know the ideal games to play is to do your research online and understand the https://www.casinoexpert.co.uk/online-casinos-uk which UK based gamblers are using today to push forward their gambling agendas.

Find out below the games with the most payout rates for you to play today. 

Black jack 

This is among the few online casino games in the UK which offer you a low house edge. There is also a high payout from the game, forming part of the reasons why a lot of people who want to make profits love this game. While the traditional casinos offer eight decks in their black jack games, online ones only offer two decks. This is however very relevant because what people forget is that the higher the decks offered the higher house edge by 0.02%. Black jack is among the few games with a high Return to Player rate of 99.5%.

Video poker 

It is tough to think you can change the payouts in this game however what you can do is be careful when choosing the games that are offered in video poker. There are several games which you can play for a high RTP of 99.99%.The odds of games like jacks and better video poker could claim about 0.46% house edge. There are several games under this category that you can play for the best payout ratio for instance jacks or better, Double joker poker with 99.96%, deuces wild which has 99%, 7s wild with 98.8%, aces and faces has 99.85% and the best one of them all is double bonus poker which will give you an ideal 100.17%.


Baccarat is a simple game to play where you either put your money on the banker or better still choose to bet on the player competing against the banker. Not so many people do bet on draws however you stand to enjoy better odds if you bet on the same. The bank RTP rate is 98.95 which is still high even after the 5% tax deductions for players who bet on the banker and win. 

Casino war

Surprising enough, you will find the house edge for this game when you are playing online to be neutral. There is either the winner, a draw or the dealer wins. When playing with your cards, the above three options are the most predictable results with a 97.2%Return to Player rate that you can enjoy betting with today. 


Looking at the variations for many online slot games, you will realize they are the best of most casino games. The themes which these games use are diverse and so are their number of reels, bonus rounds for customers and the pay lines. There could be slight variations in the payout percentages for these slots but it is clear they have some of the best payouts ranging from 95% and above. This number is greater than what you will get when playing slot machines at the land based casinos near you today. 


IF you want a game with a good payout rate try playing roulette today, there are different versions of the game and the biggest difference between American and European is the extra 00 wheel. This double wheel however goes ahead to create the advantage which gamblers can enjoy when playing Roulette online. In a single zero game, you will be slapped with a 2.7% casino edge however due to the double zero, another version has a high casino advantage of about 5.26%. Enjoy the European Roulette today which offers its customers a high RTP of 97.3%.