What is Online Casino Cashback?

Online casinos are loaded with bonuses and promotions that are designed to lure new players and keep existing customers active. While offers like matched bonuses and free spins grab most of the headlines, many experienced players look for one particular offer – and that’s online casino cashback. Not all of India’s gambling sites have cashback deals, but perhaps those that do are worth checking out and you can find them at Live Casino India.

How Does Cashback Work?

In a nutshell, if a player loses, the casino operator will refund a percentage of the losses – hence the term ‘cashback’. On the surface, these bonuses don’t appear to be that appealing. After all, a player only receives a rebate if they lose their own money. 

Of course, this is correct, but seeing as the odds favour the house, the probabilities are that more players do end up as losers rather than winners. This is where the value of online casino cashback starts to show itself. And the more you get the better!

With that said, there are high-value player-friendly cashback bonuses and other offers that simply are not worth the effort. These are some of the factors to consider (and compare) with this type of casino bonus.

The cashback percentage

There are no set rules as to the percentage of cashback a casino might dish out on chipstars.bet. Based on experience, it could be anywhere from 1 or 2% up to 20%. In most instances, bigger is better, but this may not always be true, as there are other variables within the equation, such as wagering requirements and the bonus cap.

Wagering requirements

The true value of a cashback bonus can usually be determined by the wagering requirements. There are casinos that award cashback as real money with no wagering, whereas other sites may insist the cashback funds need to be wagered 5x, 10x, 20x, or in extreme cases, 35x. So, to be fair these are more like refund bonuses because cash is considered real money and there is no need to wager it.

Naturally, the lower the wagering, the better value for the player, so a cashback bonus with no wagering requirements is one of the best deals a player can find. Two of the best online casinos in India for cashback rewards are:

JeetPlay – 10% Instant Unlimited Cashback

You don’t have to wager anything, and your cashback is credited to your account instantly after a loss.This is perfect for live casino players that do not like wagering requirements.

Casino Days – 10% Unlimited Cashback

This great Desi casino site also offers no wagering cashback but only on the weekends.

Minimum and maximum limits

Stay away from casinos that impose a payout floor, say 500 Rs, for instance. Therefore, if the bonus is 10% cashback, the player has to lose 5,000 Rs to qualify. The maximum limit simply caps the amount the casino will payout to an individual player – this could be 10,000 Rs or even 1,00,000 Rs. Always look for unrestricted options.

The Benefits of Cashback Bonuses

A good online casino cashback bonus – one with no or very low wagering requirements – can swing the odds in the player’s favour. The simple way to think of this is playing roulette. On average, a player wins 97.30 Rs for every 100 Rs they bet.

However, there will be days when the player wins and other days when they lose. Now, on those losing days, the player earns cashback. Here’s an example:

  • A player plays 1 game of roulette each day.
  • He always bets 100 Rs on the number zero.
  • He plays for 36 days, every number (1 – 36) has been a winner, but no wins on zero.
  • The player has lost 3,600 Rs.
  • On the 37th day, he bets 100 Rs and wins! Excluding the stake, the payout is 3,500 Rs.
  • However, every day the player lost, he got 10% cashback, so his losses were only 3,600 Rs – 10% = 3,240 Rs.

Of course, this is a perfect scenario, but it highlights the benefit that the best cashback offers can put the odds over to the player’s side.