What is Live Betting? Understand the In-Play Betting Odds

Published on: 11/Jan/2021

For many users, in addition to the possible non-payment of the betting tax and the widest possible range of bets, the average level of the live betting odds offered plays a huge role.

This is when some bookies are markedly different from each other, which of course should not be underestimated in the long run, because in order to be successful, you need to find the best possible odds that are offered on the market.

For example, there are many sportsbooks that offer first-class betting odds for football but don’t excel in any other sports.

Or it may be the case that a betting provider has high betting odds for tennis, while in football, as soon as it comes to smaller leagues, it offers lackluster betting odds.

Generalizations regarding live betting are therefore sometimes difficult to make. It really depends on the preferred sport, type of bet, and your own preferences.

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Some people don’t mind paying the betting tax and enjoy the breadth of the offer. Others don’t care that much about the odds and the range of sports offered and focus on a single sport.

Live Bets From Various Bookmakers

Sometimes, there’s a huge difference when comparing several bookmakers in terms of the presentation, appearance, and usability of the live offer.

The best live odds and tax exemption are of no use to the users if a bookmaker makes its live sections so confusing that it takes a bunch of time to even look for the bet you have decided on.

Clicking on numerous tabs and searching through multiple drop-down lists in order to find your chosen bet can be pretty frustrating.

Nowhere else in the betting business does it have to be as fast from the customer’s point of view as with live betting.

A live section should be arranged very clearly and intuitively, all the most important types of bets must be easily visible and immediately accessible so that users can place their wagers in a matter of seconds.

In addition, there should be as many betting options as possible. And you should be able to clearly see them all at a glance.

There are also some other things that are a must for every top-notch betting provider, such as the function that allows you to mark the games or types of bets relevant to you as favorites.

This is extremely convenient, as it will allow you to quickly see all the events at any time without having to switch or scroll back and forth between several sports or leagues.

Another selection criterion refers again to the offer from a more technical point of view and this is also sometimes very subjective.

A number of bookmakers offer live streams for selected games in their live betting center and come up with all sorts of statistical live data. There is usually information not only on current events but also on the standings, a list of the past games, etc.

For example, if you click on a random tennis match, you can find statistics on the current form of players, lists of all tournaments played in a year, points on the world rankings, and so on.

There are many reasons why users can or cannot do without the live center offered. For example, some bettors rely on statistics heavily, especially if they cannot see the game for themselves.

Some of the most important indicators are shots on goal, number of dangerous attacks, corners, ball possession, etc. As a result, they more or less understand what is happening on the field.

Nowadays, you can stumble upon tipsters, who, without much prior knowledge, build their strategy on the legible statistics of a betting provider’s live center. Whether this strategy pays off in the long term is another question though.