What is a True People Search? Here are the Answers

During our lifetime, we go through quite a few changes; we graduate, travel, move around, meet new people, and sometimes lose touch with others. While not all relationships are built to last, there are those that leave an impressionable mark on us. If you are reading this and have someone in mind, you know all about it. So, how can you get back in touch with those loved ones from your past? A true people search can help you with your search.

What is a true people search?

In its essence, a true people search is a search that provides information about people – including contact information. If you want to get back in touch with someone from your past, whether it’s an old friend or an old flame, a people search is the way to do it. Why? Because it provides you with public records data. So, you can find people with such a service, that relies on official information, that is gathered by official agencies in every state.

How do you perform the search? a people search is a name-based query. So, you need to use a person’s name to find them. Once you enter the name of a particular individual into the search field, the scan of the public record will begin. The end result is a detailed report that includes that individual’s current whereabouts, including their contact info.

One important thing that you should keep in mind with a true people search is the name spelling. People sometimes share the same name, but with a different spelling. To find the most accurate results, you need to type in the name of the person that you are looking for as accurately as possible.

What to do before the search?

As mentioned, you need to use the name of the person that you want to get back in touch with. In case you want to find a family member that you have never met, gather as much information about them as possible. Like their past address or old phone numbers. Professional true people search websites also operate a reverse address and a reverse phone number search. So, you can use these details as well to find lost relatives.

If you do not have old contact information, ask other relatives of yours if they know how to spell the name of the said individual. You can then use the people search with the name-based directory, and enjoy access to public records data.

How can I perform a true people search?

The quickest way to perform a people search is to use an online service. An offline search will take several days to several weeks to provide you results, so online is better. To get the most accurate results, in the fastest way possible, you should only use a credible website, like truepeoplesearch.io. The name-based directory is quick, reliable, and abides by FCRA regulations, so you can be certain that you get a pro service.

You can track down people from your past in no time, and rekindle the relationships that mattered to you the most.