What Is a Craps Game and Why You Must Try?

These days many people are interested in craps. Even a beginner can participate, but it is worth learning its rules in order to gamble successfully. Once you take into account the quality of come bets in online craps real money and other wagering options, your game will improve immediately.

Learn How to Play Craps Online

Craps is a casino board game played with chips and two dice. The game consists of rounds where each of the 20 players rolls craps the dice. Their main goal is to correctly guess what value the so-called shooter will throw. The set of requirements for dice results and gambling actions is a bit confusing, but they can be handled once you remember the most common combinations:

  • If the total number is 2, 3, or 12, the player loses the right to throw and it passes to the next participant, it is known as a horn bet in craps.
  • What is the lay bet in craps? It is one of the very few wagers in the game where the payout is based on true odds.
  • To make it easier for beginners to navigate the game of craps, consider Pass Line in craps. 
  • What is come bet in craps? The bet is made when you think that the shooter will throw dice with a value of 7 or 11.

Basic Craps Rules

Of course, the game of craps has its own basic rules:

  • Wait for your turn to place a bet at the crepe table. More than twenty players can simultaneously join the round, so it can take some time.
  • You should not bet on individual cubes. Dealers do not accept bets of this type, because bets on craps are based on the total number of points of two dice.
  • Make stakes only when they refer to main betting rules without overwhelming your bankroll.

Craps Table Layout

This game’s aspect helps players to navigate the craps in a more professional way. The more you know about the scheme of the table, the better your betting capacity becomes. Note that the table may differ depending on the institution of the casino in which you come. Unique elements in the layout diversify gamblers’ stakes a lot. Overall, the table consists of two sides with the same patterns on the left and right. The main difference is commonly in its size, letting as many players as possible join the game of craps and experience real-casino emotions.


The game of craps is quite popular and relatively easy to start with. There are several terms to be aware of, as well as the rules of gambling etiquette. This game is a unique version of online entertainment and is suitable for any beginner.