Watch Ninja Movies To Get a Sense of Adventure

Ninja movies have been around for decades but they’ve never gone out of style. With the upcoming release of Ninjai – The Little Ninja, now is a good time to revisit this classic genre and see what it has to offer. 

With ninjas being all over the place on TV, movies, comic books, and other forms of media, you might be wondering what made them so popular in the first place. Ninjas were part of Japan’s military for centuries before becoming an integral part of pop culture. Ninja movies provide an exciting adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

How Did The Ninja Movies Come To Be?

The ninja movies have come to be because of the Westernization of Japan. The samurai culture has been a part of Japanese culture for centuries and was then taken away by the Westernization in Japan during the Meiji era. 

During this period, many people were inspired by stories from comic books. In these stories, ninjas were portrayed as warriors who fought for justice or simply fought to protect their land from the evils of war. With this inspiration, some people used these stories to create their ninja movies that would make up for what they felt was missing from traditional samurai cinema. 

Why Do People Love Ninja Movies?

Ninja movies are loved for their action-packed plot and exciting fight scenes. They also provide a sense of mystery and intrigue and make you want to see what happens next. Ninja movies have a sense of adventure that’s hard to find in other genres. They provide an escape from the real world with a dose of fantasy. This type of entertainment is perfect for people who want to be stressed out daily!

Additionally, ninja movies allow you to do something that’s been shown to be an effective way of dealing with stress: exercise! If you feel like exercising while watching your favorite ninja movie, this can help you get the same feeling as if you were there experiencing it yourself. It’s almost like time travel! If you want to learn more about the best ninja movies or any topics related to ninja, you can visit this ninja blog

What Makes a Great Ninja Movie?

A great ninja movie will provide countless thrills, have a gripping plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and most of all, it will remind you of what you love about ninjas. If you watch a lot of ninja movies, be sure to keep these three components in mind when picking which ones to watch.

  1. A good ninja movie must make you want to jump out of your seat with excitement.
  2. A great ninja movie should have a compelling storyline that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.
  3. The best ninja movies are action-packed and thrilling from start to finish.

5 Reasons to watch Ninjai: The Little Ninja movie

There is a lot of potentials for this film to be an excellent addition to the ninja genre and I believe that it will do so with its unique takes on the genre’s traditional themes. The setting, art style, and character designs all have an interesting look to them, and I look forward to seeing if Ninjai can run with this.

  • The world of Ninjai is unique and interesting.
  • The film looks to explore some interesting themes from the ninja genre, and I’m excited to see if it can go in that direction.
  • An interesting premise, with a male protagonist leading the movie’s story, who is a young boy traveling the ancient world in search of his identity.
  • The film looks to be well-animated and full of kinetic action sequences which will make for an entertaining watch throughout its runtime. 
  • This film has a relatively low budget compared to other animated movies, which will allow it to be made on a smaller scale while still being able to create engaging characters and visuals with some impressive animation work throughout its runtime.

Technically, Ninjai is a refreshing take on the ninja genre, as it takes the action away from the traditional fighting and focuses instead on wisdom and learning. This is not to say that Ninjai doesn’t have its fair share of sword fights and combats, but these are the steppingstones towards the main goal of Ninjai’s journey. 

The film’s main focus is his journey of self-discovery which brings him through lands and cultures foreign to him. This aspect of the film is what sets it apart from other ninja movies and makes it an interesting watch.


Ninjai is an original and exciting take on the ninja genre. It’s not flashy, nor is it filled with excessive action as you might expect, but it has a fresh and engaging plot that will keep you hooked throughout its runtime. The characters are interesting, the visuals are gorgeous and the action scenes are entertaining. If you’re looking for something different and fresh to watch, look no further than Ninjai.