How to Delete Naukri Account Permanently

Video Transcription
Hello friends, how are you? I’m your brother again with another new video for you

And in today’s video, I will show you how can you permanently delete your account on

For this, you have to open Google

After opening Google, you have to search Delete Naukri Account

And you have to open this first link. I have given this link in the description also

You can open it from there if you want. When this link opens, you will have to go down down

And click on this link. Delete link with Naukri Account

When you open this link Then website will open And now I logged in my account

If you don’t, you’ll have to. And you have to go down here. After going down you have to click on “Read More”

And here on “delete account”

After clicking on “delete account” I am giving a reason here

I have a duplicate account so you can also choose this option And you have to fill your password here.

I’m filling my password now. And all you have to do now is click on “Delete & Logout”

And it will delete your account Permanently. And friends if you have a problem other than this You can send me that on Wheon.Com/Chat

By registering on our forum You can request any for new videos there

Friends thank you very much for watching this video And if you liked this or it worked, then like this video

And subscribe to my channel too. And if you have any problem then tell me by commenting below

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