Vape batteries and chargers


When we talk about the components of e-cigarettes, the battery can be considered as the life of e-cigarettes. Batteries used in e-cigarettes are of more than 1 type. E-cigarettes operating on automatic batteries were once considered the only option but now manual batteries are available and their performance is better than an automatic one.

An automatic battery is activated by a rush of air that is detected by its sensor. On the other hand, a manual battery is less convenient as it requires manual activation by depressing a button. But manual battery gives you more control over your draw. Advantages of manual and automatic batteries are given below:


  • They are easy to Use.
  • They have a close resemblance to a regular cigarette.
  • The required charging time is quite short.
  • There is a delay between taking a puff and inhaling vapors.
  • To let the coil heat up, you have to take small puffs before taking the main puff.


  • They produce greater throat hit because they have more power.
  • They offer good control.
  • Although not very difficult to use, they require more expertise.
  • Due to their larger size, their half-life is more than the automatic batteries.

Variable wattage batteries:

Due to their feature of increasing and decreasing their voltage, variable voltage and variable wattage batteries are a step ahead of manual batteries. Their voltage changing feature can be used by pressing a button or twisting the end of the battery.

Two types of variable voltage batteries are available in any vape shop these days. Vision Spinner is a variable vape pen and it comes in a tube shape. On the other hand, Coolfire Ultra TC150 is a variable wattage mod and it comes in a boxy shape. Wattage is controlled by buttons. The main difference in benefits of variable voltage and variable wattage devices is that variable wattage devices have bigger batteries that can be used for a longer period without needing to recharge them.

18650 batteries:

These batteries are for mods. Not all the variable wattage mods have internal batteries. There are some designs for which the batteries have to be purchased separately from a vape shop. Batteries come in different sizes. The most commonly used batteries in vaping devices are 18650. There is no difference in the experience of vaping whether you use an internal battery or separately brought battery in vape. The advantage of separate batteries is that you can have an extra battery when going on a journey.


When we are considering a top-of-the-line vaping kit, the role of a vape battery charger cannot be ignored. They are essential for the care of the battery and prolong the life of your device. Vape chargers can be basic micro-USB chargers, general-use thread chargers, or Bluetooth-enabled smart chargers. Simple USB charging cables are used in vape mods and vaporizers that have built-in batteries. For external batteries, it is important to find a suitable charger for them.

Some features must be checked before buying a battery charger from a vape shop. The first and the most important factor to check when buying a new charger is the safety feature it has to offer. The vape battery charger must have the feature of shutting itself down if the batteries ever become overheated or unstable. Otherwise, the batteries should never be left unattended for an extended period of time.

 The next feature to be considered when buying a charger is the accuracy of the charger i.e., the display of an accurate picture of the charging status of the battery by the charger. If a charger indicates full battery before actually reaching the full charging capacity, it will shorten the battery life. Customers give several reviews about the accuracy of the charger. The buyer should go through those reviews before buying.   

The last thing that you should consider is the charging input rates. It is very important to make sure that the charger supplies the right amount of current according to battery requirements. A charger that supplies 1.5A current although offers more speed but is dangerous for batteries. Chargers supplying lower current are suitable for batteries. Not all batteries can handle high amperage charging. You have to select a charger compatible with your battery.