Uwin33: Ways of Playing Baccarat Online

Are you interested in learning online baccarat? Well, it’s an interesting and easy-to-learn game. The game has some set rules that every player has to abide by. Playing online baccarat is fun. It’s one of the most simple live casino games in Malaysia for beginners. 

Baccarat is played at a table with 14 players. Every player’s bet is marked on the table. The number 13 is skipped for superstitious reasons. Hence, total bets are from 1 to 15. Players aim to get as close to 9 points. The game is simple because players don’t have to make tough choices at every step. After all, the game’s rules are pre-determined. Uwin33 Malaysia have provided a trusted betting platform for players to enjoy baccarat online. To help you out in playing Baccarat, we have enlisted a few steps that might be useful. 

  • Choose a Game

First of all, you must look for free baccarat online games on the website. If it’s a reputed casino, you might find at least one Baccarat game. Baccarat games can be played from an internet browser or device like PC, smartphones, tablets, etc. 

  • Choose Your Stakes

On the baccarat table, there lies the stakes and the betting areas. Choose the chip values you like, then drag them and drop them at the sections of the table you would like to bet on. This wouldn’t be processed by the device until you hit the deal button. 

  • Bet on Banker, Player, or Tie

This game offers 3 options, tie, player, and banker. What you have to do is bet on that hand which gets closest to 9. Aces count as 1 while the following digits are considered to be their number value. Cards with value 10 and the queen and king cards are counted as 0. 

If the total hand value becomes a two-digit number, players discard the first digit. Based on hand totals, a third card may be introduced. The banker would decide in the end what to do depending on the hand total of all players. 

  • Understanding the Payouts

Baccarat players can choose to bet on either hand. For a winning player bet, your payout would be 1/1. One can win 10/ 20 on a winning banker hand and 8/1 if your bet on both hands ends in a tie. 

  • Rebet, Clear Bet, & Double Bet

After the hand is over, you will be given your pay-out for your winnings immediately. Most sites give players the chance to double their bets, by repeating the previous bet or clearing your chips and starting over again. 

No matter if you play free Baccarat or real money Baccarat, there are three standard betting options. Players can bet on the banker or the player’s hand to win or the hands to end in a tie. The betting areas are shown clearly on the screen, to let players make their choices. This is where you have to place your chips before the hand is dealt with. Betting in baccarat is straightforward but you must be well versed with the different pay-outs, odds, house edge of each bet. The more you place, the more smart decisions you make.