Useful Guide for creating the perfect HMI for your project

HMI screens are a great way of adding value to your machines and processes when working on various projects.

The automatization of industrial activities relies on the various HMI innovations to allow for machine efficiency improvements. You therefore have to pay attention to delivering the standard and long term solutions through your HMI creations. There are a lot of features that your HMI system must satisfy, for instance the weathering elements, the size of display, memory demands and seamless connectivity to foster collaboration and cooperation on different projects. Discussed in this guide are just but a few of the useful tips you can pay attention to for achieving the best Panel PC HMI system creation for your clients. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 

The end user is the main focus on the mind of the developer when it comes to making HMI systems. The design and usability of the system needs to be self-explanatory to allow for easy understanding of whoever will be using the system. A simple display system is also crucial to the process as any complications could result into the wrong conclusions being drawn from the display screens which could have ever lasting adverse implications on the company operations. 

Get the display size right 

While the type of HMI solution you buy has to fit your needs, the screen size is the most useful feature any developer should focus on. The size of the screens should be enough to display the required information to those operating the machines. It is vital to size the information that will be displayed before making the screen to avoid any future need for adjustments. If it helps, consulting with the operators of the machine will be a relief to helping you get the right details for your HMI designing and execution. 

Check your design

A number of factors are necessary for assessment when determining the design to use for your HMI systems. Any minor faults in the design can have unending implications you might want to avoid by paying attention to factors like layout, color and the content of the same. The right layout makes data tracking, editing and access even easier. Choose eye-friendly colors that will make it easy to read through the texts regardless of who the operator is. The size of font should also be legible from a distance to make it easy for one to read even when the device is slightly away from them. Ignoring the specifics of a great design is dangerous and can result in injuries and other forms of shortcomings you will not appreciate. 

Assess plant review forum 

Do you have a plant review forum? This is a team of plant experts that are helping you design the best suited HMI system offer for achieving the desired objectives. They therefore inform you of any status notifications, alarms and even events that have to be programmed to the system. The programming of the same will entail both the audio-visual action to the right response to be given for the operations. This process not only allows for avoiding surprises at the time of commissioning but also identifies the appropriate features that should be included to the system solution to boost productivity, amplify safety and reduce cost for the project. 

Keep location in mind 

The HMI location or station has to be one of the factors that have to be thought off carefully. Choose a practical area where the station can be set to allow for easy manifestation of the same based on your plans. The location of choice must be situated far from heavy traffic areas however must be accessible with ease. Knowledge of other future projects around the location should also help you determine whether the area is right for you especially when you plan on expansions in the future. The HMI system location must furthermore be well guarded to avoid any other illegal configurations on the station. 

Work must be backed up

Backups are great for situations where you plan against data loss and breach. The flow of information can be interrupted by one reason or the other and without any form of backup the project can suffer an unmeasurable loss. You should focus on backups just before you implement any changes or upgrades to your system. There are software solutions you can use for ensuring that there is enough backup for the existing system. 

Have you visualized the process?

The automation of project activities must be visualized before the execution of the HMI system into any project. The system operator must be able to view the graphics of the production process that is illustrated by the developer. In order to achieve the set goals as viewed in the graphic illustration, one will need to invest in the right hardware that meets the market standards to mitigate any form of failure or unavailability in the system. Once the operator understands what the visualization guides them to, it becomes easier to achieve the desired results. 

Work with essential data only 

Control and monitoring of processes needs to be simplified especially when the system is in its introductory stages to the project. The operators will best work with only essential data being recorded and stored in the system. The system tends to be complicated and slows down in terms of speed when it is fed with a lot of unnecessary information. To ensure for smooth functioning, conduct regular system maintenance and backups before every change or upgrade made.

Have an alarm strategy 

There are instances when the system will have a problem affecting the delivery of the same. To determine any type of damage or repair need in the HMI system, you need an alarm strategy. This system will alert you of the faulty areas saving time wasted in inspection and alerting you of a problem well in advance to facilitate the provision of the right solutions.