Use VanceAI Photo Restorer to Add Style to Old Photos

With image editing applications leaping forward in terms of innovation and new technologies, you can bring old photos back to life without even having to do it yourself. You can also remove scratches from old photos online automatically. This is all possible with the VanceAI Photo Restorer online application offered by VanceAI. Users enhance old photos in order to give new life to their old and damaged family photos. Other than that, users can also do photo restoration for vintage and historical pictures or simply add style to old photos in order to use them online for various purposes. VanceAI Photo Restorer offers enough enhancement and features that allow users to do more with old damaged images than just slight adjustments.

Why choose an AI Photo Restorer?

The AI technology present in VanceAI tools, including VanceAI Photo Restorer, offer you greater flexibility as compared to other software applications. Since the tools are integrated with AI and Machine Learning technologies, you don’t need to do anything other than upload images as everything else is automated. The AI systems are developed and trained before launch, hence giving them the edge since the start. While premium software applications such as Photoshop still provide extremely detailed editing options and great results, AI is also evolving at a great pace in terms of performance and features. A top AI app such as would already perform better than most other online based photo editing applications. 

The automated nature of AI also enables it to look for issues in the image by itself and solve them. When it comes to software applications, a lot depends on the user to spot issues and address them. If the user is an expert, they can certainly add style to old photos and even repair them really well if needed. However, not everyone is an expert and even then, it takes time and energy to bring old photos back to life. If you’d hire an expert, it would cost more money too. AI, on the other hand, is easier to implement into your software and offers good, if not as detailed as Photoshop, performance anyway. Overall, an AI old photo restoration application is one of the best things you can subscribe to if you’re someone who deals with old, damaged, or black and white images fairly regularly. 

How to Restore Old Photos with VanceAI Photo Restorer?

This section goes over the steps for using the VanceAI tool for AI old photo restoration

Step 1: Click on the link given above which will take you to the homepage of the VanceAI tool for old photo restoration. The page has an Upload Image option. Use it to open up the Workspace window. 

Step 2: On VanceAI Restorer Workspace you can not only upload images but also manage settings, check your remaining image credits in your account, and more. After you have uploaded your image, you can click on Start to Process to prompt the application. 

Step 3: Once the image has been processed, it will appear on the right side frame. You can then use the Download Image option to save the image on your device. These steps stay similar regardless of the type of tool you’re using on VanceAI. 

Old Photos Restored by VanceAI Photo Restorer

Now let’s take a look at a few examples that are repaired or enhanced by the VanceAI Photo Restorer online tool. 

1. Old Portrait Enhanced

You will find an old image is less damaged than the usual cases though the damaged tear line near the middle is definitely noticeable. When it comes to the processed image, the damaged tear line is still present but it is much less potent than before. The biggest improvement, however, comes from the overall look of the image. You can definitely add style to old photos with this tool as the new image looks completely different and vibrant. The face enhancement is there too, as it looks much more defined in the new image than the old. 

2. Old Image Noise Portrait 

While your old image is riddled with image noise, the Photo Restorer manages to get rid of most of the image noise in a matter of seconds. There is definitely a color improvement in your new image as well, which is natural since the old image color was blocked by the image noise. Photo restoration online is simple with this tool, all things considered. 

3. Old Photo Colored 

VanceAI Photo Restorer can also colorize old damaged photos while repairing them too. This is a feature that is not really found in other online photo restorer applications as they simply focus on just one feature. You can add style to old photos in the best way by simply colorizing them so that they look modern and new. 


The photo restorer application from VanceAI is really useful and it can achieve many things. Users can not only repair their old damaged photos, but they can also give them a completely new look by colorizing them. Given that the entire VanceAI system is built using AI and Machine Learning, nothing you do will give you a hard time. Moreover, getting results from VanceAI isn’t even time-consuming though the old picture may take a few more seconds but nothing major.

Additional Choices from VanceAI

VanceAI has a ton of other image editing tools that can benefit you greatly. As an ever-growing online image editing platform, VanceAI ensures that it is regularly introducing new updates to its existing tools, UI design, or adding completely new tools. All tools serve a different purpose too. VanceAI Image Enhancer goes well with the Photo Restorer as it can improve the quality of an image, which is needed for old images. Similarly, you can also pair the Photo Restorer with VanceAI Photo Colorizer, which is an AI tool for adding color to black and white images. 

Free Alternative to VanceAI

VanceAI offers a free alternative to the Photo Restorer in case you want to restore old photos for a demo before going ahead with any purchases. You can simply go to and upload an image to restore it online without paying for anything. The website there is easy to use as well.