Unknown facts about online betting bonuses

Online Sports Betting Bonuses - How to Increase Your Gambling Bankroll

Nowadays, sports betting operators and online casinos have to be innovative if they want to survive in the competitive online betting industry. Due to the fact that most gambling sites copy each other’s sections and features, some companies focus on providing their clients with as many betting bonuses as possible. Some promotions aim to give people as many bonus funds as possible, but there are many other proposals you can put to the test.

Since there are so many offers to pick from, even inexperienced punters know some of the things they should be aware of, such as the minimum deposit requirement. Yet, there are many unknown facts about some proposals that you probably haven’t even heard of, so let’s check them out.

Some promotions have to be used only while punting on specific sports events

Due to the fact that online bookmakers offer almost the same betting sections, they are really innovative when it comes down to promotions. Although some of them can be used by punters who wager on all sorts of sports, if you check the Bulgarian bet365 bonus from Efirbet, you will notice some differences. Like other iGaming sites, this one has special offers that people can use only if they wager on a specific sports event. 

Usually, these bonuses are created for people who want to punt on the FIFA World Cup, the Champions League Final, Grand Slam events, and more. The fact that the specific proposal can be used for a given competition makes it more desirable. As for the prize itself, it usually comes in the form of additional cash, but there might be some exceptions.

You can find promotions that become available after one of the two teams scores two goals

Even though some of the biggest sports betting websites in the world offer all sorts of options, most people bet on football. The fact that soccer attracts tons of bettors means that some iGaming operators create special promos. Besides those that can only be used during a specific event, if you check Efirbet, you will see an intriguing bet365 bonus for Bulgaria that becomes available after one of the two teams scores two goals. Once that happens, you will have the option to settle your bet, which will free you from having to wait until it is over.

This promotion has different variations, depending on which bookie you choose. Sometimes, the proposal will double your bet if you punt on the team losing in the specific match. Keep in mind that these offers usually have interesting Terms and Conditions, so make sure to check them out.

The mobile bonuses can only be accessed by people with a mobile app for Android and iOS

Despite the fact that they are rare, some iGaming operators allow their clients to use exclusive mobile promotions. Like their desktop alternatives, these offers come in different forms, but the most common ones are deposit offers.

Even though most iGaming operators have a mobile website, this bonus can only be accessed by people who’ve downloaded and installed the apps for Android and iOS. That’s one of the reasons why some punters prefer using apps to mobile sites.