Travel through the intergalactic world of Starburst

Think of the old-fashioned fruit machines found at a local pub, but online. Paddy Power takes this well-known game and modernises it to be able to be played at the comfort of your home. Online casino gambling has never had so much selection, with a range of different games to choose from.

Rather than inserting a penny in the slot and cranking the arm to spin the reels into motion, you can carry out the same motion online with a click of a button. There are a variety of slots available, ranging in difficulties, but for a beginner, a good game to start with is Starburst

Useful terms

For a beginner, it is useful to become familiar with some key terminology to enable effortless gameplay. 

Reels are an area that may appear in column form to result in winning combinations. For example, within Starburst there are five reels set out in rows, that will become filled with five symbols.

Paylines are used for these slot machines where a line or reel can result in a win, using a variety of symbols. Starburst has 10 pay outs, which can be won from either side (left to right and right to left).

Why Starburst?

Starburst differs from other slot games in that it has been able to survive vast changes and growth within the online gaming sphere. Its simplistic nature has enabled it to still be a fan favourite, in times when newer games are in constant development.

The game also boasts a space theme that is recognisable, yet simple, to welcome beginners.  The out of this world graphics create an intergalactic experience, alongside a fun gaming experience.

How to play

Now, to the main stuff: the gameplay. To begin a game, there are five levels to choose from. By choosing level five, this enables the biggest prizes to be won. The minimum bet is started at 0.10 credits per randomised spin. A spin will generate different symbols — for example, a yellow gem is the most valuable out of the five different coloured gems. 

The most valuable symbol of the entire game is the bar (good luck!). To win, symbols must match either horizontally, vertically, or in a zig-zag. The more matching symbols, the better the pay out. For example, for pay outs on matching yellow gems there is a 1x, 2.5x and 6x pay out for three, four or five on a payline.

Making this game even easier to play is the autoplay feature. For days when you want to make it even simpler, you can choose how many spins you want (up to 100) and let the game do the rest for you! To create a better gaming environment, limits can be set, so betting will end when this happens. The game can also be played just for fun, in order to set safe betting limits.

However you decide to play, whether that be on a mobile phone or on a laptop, you will be able to enter an intergalactic world!