Top U.S. Escape Rooms for Ultimate Fun

Ever since they arrived in the U.S. in 2013, escape rooms have only been growing in popularity in the country. The concept of an escape room goes like this: a team of players is locked inside a thematic room full of cryptic puzzles and riddles. The challenge is to solve those puzzles, decode the hints, and find a way to escape the room within a given time period. Escape games come in an extensive range of themes- from scientific to mythology to horror to movies. 

There are many reasons behind the rapid popularity of escape room experiences. It is a highly inclusive concept that allows people of all races, ages, and gender to participate equally. The games come with educational elements and help enhance critical soft skills, including decision-making, critical thinking, and team spirit.

Top Escape Rooms in the U.S. that You Must Visit

No matter which part of the U.S. you are in, a quick “escape rooms near me” search will give you multiple results, each listing offering something better than the other. If you are an escape room fanatic like us, here is a list of the top 5 U.S. escape rooms that you must visit in your life:

  1. Unlock Elizabeth Town Escape Rooms (Elizabethtown)

    If you are a seasoned escapee searching for challenging escape experiences, this is the right place for you. This locally-owned brand offers live-action experiences with distinctly themed rooms that are designed to challenge the intellect of even the most experienced escape room players. Owned by Shawk Decker, the company started its journey in 2017 and currently offers 4 escape games in suspense, crime-solving, thriller, and escape artist themes.

Average Cost:  $20/person

Number of Games Offered: 4 games

Group Size: 1-42 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 15 can play independently.

  1. Hourglass Escape Rooms (Seattle)
    Hourglass Escapes is an award-winning escape room brand, providing top-tier escape games for all age groups. Established in 2016 by Seth W and Alex Barbieri, this is a partial woman and veteran-owned entertainment enterprise. Before starting this venture, Seth worked as a scenic and animatronic artist at The Universal Studios. With his extensive professional experience, he has curated unique and highly detailed cinematic escape rooms at Hourglass Escape Room. The most popular game at this facility is The Evil Dead 2, available both for physical and remote gaming.

Average Cost:  $30/person

Number of Games Offered: 6 games

Group Size: 2-56 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 16 can play independently. Players above the age of 10 have to be accompanied by adults to play the games. 

  1. Wild Goose Escapes (Fullerton)
    Located at the Bella Terra shopping mall in Fullerton, this brand is one of the most popular escape destinations in the city. The company was established in 2015 by Amanda Contreras. Following the vision of the founder, this brand offers exclusive escape experiences with complex gameplay and customizable difficulty levels.

Average Cost:  $35/person

Number of Games Offered: 8 games

Group Size: 2-66 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 12 can play independently.

  1. Back in Time Escape Rooms (Harbor City)
    This is a unique escape brand that offers immersive escape rooms that have inter-connected storylines based on the theme of time traveling. Get ready to enter the world of Temporal Insertion, Modification, and Extraction (T.I.M.E.) and alter history to save mankind! You will be playing the role of an agent at a private agency, challenged with the task of altering history, solving mysteries, and recovering treasures.

All the escape rooms at this facility feature detailed sets built with intricate detailing to transport players to an alternative reality. 

Average Cost:  $30/person

Number of Games Offered: 2 games

Group Size: 1-14 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 12 can play independently.

  1. Brainy Actz (Bakersfield)
    This brand will offer you some of the most interactive, engaging, and immersive escape room experiences. Established in 2015 by Anthony Bennett and Angelo Anelloare, this is a national escape chain offering a wide range of activities, including cinematic escape rooms, ax-throwing, archery arrow tags, rage rooms, and splatter paint rooms. Apart from being a top escape room provider in the city, this company also participates in social welfare programs and has undertaken projects to provide on-site health camps, scholarships, and financial aids to deserving students. 

Average Cost:  $30/person

Number of Games Offered: 5 games

Group Size: 2-48 people

Age Requirement: Players above the age of 18 can play independently.

Whether you are looking for a low-key escape adventure to enjoy with friends or a grand celebration at an escape room with your colleagues, these facilities make sure that all customer requirements are met with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Next time you visit any of these cities, make sure to drop by these places for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!