Top Mobile App Development Companies in the US

Mobile apps- software apps devoted to running on mobile devices, and the role they play in modern life, need no introduction. 6 billion people currently use smartphones globally. Currently, users can access apps for practically every aspect of life- from shopping to healthcare. Facilities such as online bookings, payments, real-time feedback and customer support make life easier for users every single day. For businesses, access to platforms online has aided in global brand recognition, creating brand loyalty, increasing visibility and relevance. Access to user data has helped personalize, improve, and update processes, making mobile app development an essential link between businesses and customers. Technologies such as AI/ML, big data, Internet of things (IoT) technology, blockchain, AR and VR implemented into mobile app development are enabling businesses to scale and develop robust workflows like never before. 

For companies of any scale attempting to implement digitized solutions into existing processes or create new groundbreaking technology, here is a list of top mobile app development companies to look out for.

List of the Top Mobile App Development Companies in the US

  1. GeekyAnts ( 56 Votes)
  2. Blue Label Labs  ( 50 Votes)
  3. Infinum  ( 39 Votes)
  4. Confianz Global, Inc.  ( 38 Votes)
  5. Utility ( 25 Votes)
  6. Moove It  ( 23 Votes)
  7. Nine Two Three Venture Studio  ( 16 Votes)
  1. GeekyAnts 


An award-winning web and mobile app development studio, GeekyAnts is recognized for its experimental outlook towards latest technological innovations. Operational since 2006, GeekyAnts has offices in San Francisco, CA, Bangalore, India, and the UK.

GeekyAnts offers comprehensive product creation, MVP, DevOps, UI/UX design, API, Node.Js development, Web3 based technologies, product upgradation and maintenance,and digitized solutions related to business. With 500+ successful projects, GeekyAnts has assisted and transformed a wide range of industries globally, with highly favorable client reviews. 

GeekyAnts’ additions to the open source community include NativeBase, Builder X, apibeats, Topgeek, SyncState, and React Pluggable. Since 2017, GeekyAnts has been registered service suppliers for Google LLC.

Clutch Review– 4.8 (56 reviews)

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  1. Blue Label Labs 

Blue Label Labs falls in the list of significant digital product development companies in the US by dint of its impeccable services and triumphant transformation of multiple industries, including healthcare, e-commerce, on-demand apps, news, consumer products and services, and media. Blue Label Labs has functioning offices in New York, City, Seattle, and San Francisco, having started a decade ago.

Blue Label Labs develops utilizing technologies such as AI and machine learning, big data, and web3. A passionate, knowledgeable, and highly motivated network of coders has enabled Blue Label Labs to gain immensely favorable client responses and accolades in the form of numerous awards.

Clutch Review– 4.8 ( 50 reviews)

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  1. Infinum 

A New York City based company, Infinum innovates with well known businesses and emerging startup companies on a global scale to create enduring digital innovations.

Infinium has created solutions covering industry verticals, assisting sectors including banking and finance, telecom, healthcare, automobile, travel and tourism, IT, and retail, since 2005, using sophisticated technologies.  

Their areas of expertise involve web and mobile app development, customized software development, UI/UX design, and solutions based on AI and machine learning technology. Infinum has collaborated with renowned labels, venture-backed startups, and emerging businesses, garnering high praise with customized creations.

Clutch Review– 4.8 ( 39 reviews)

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  1. Confianz Global, Inc. 

Based in Charlotte, NC, Confianz Global crafts comprehensive digital fixes for American businesses. Functioning for 14+ years, Confianz Global has supplied exceptional service to nearly 50 countries, globally.

Their personalized creative utilities include ERP systems, customized web app development, customized Android and iOS app development, custom blockchain services, and artificial intelligence. Operating alongside the IT industry for 10+ years, Confianz Global, Inc. has already supplied 100+ practical, utilitarian services to a multitude of industry sectors. 

Clutch Review– 4.8 ( 38 reviews)

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  1. Utility 

Utility crafts successful mobile and digital solutions for upcoming brands and well-established organizations, having already bagged numerous awards. The New York and Los Angeles based company extends assistance related to iOS app development, android app development, UI/UX strategy and design, mobile game development, and web platform development.

Since 2013, Utility have innovated and personalized products, aided by a team of motivated and highly efficient software engineers. Areas of focus include healthcare, real estate, education, tourism and travel, gaming and entertainment, social media, and retail. With impressive feedback from users, utility is rightly among the premier mobile app development companies.

Clutch Review– 4.8 (25 reviews)

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  1. Moove It 

Aiding organizations utilizing technological innovations, Moove It has been active in the software solutions space since 2006. Moove It’s deep perception of client’s product, vision, and market have placed it ahead of competitors. Catering to numerous industries, Moove It’s focus has been on education, healthcare, fintech, entertainment, and telecommunications among others. 

Moove It extends mobile products solutions, web platform development, data visualization, streaming platform development, backend infrastructure, AI and machine learning, and data analysis. Moove It creates streamlined, functional fixes for real-life practical problems. Based in Austin and San Francisco, Moove It has offices all around the world.

Clutch Review– 4.8 (23 reviews)

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  1. Nine Two Three Venture Studio 

Crafting tailored digital products for companies that are emerging or established, Nine Two Three Venture Studio is situated in Danvers, MA. Having completed 50+ customized and successful projects and with 11 years of experience in the space, Nine Two Three Venture Studio creates innovative tech solutions, in-house. Services involve assisting with building startups (14 launched successfully, currently), IoT, machine learning and AI, location services, customized development for Android and iOS apps. Nine Two Three Venture Studio has also made remarkable contributions to the development community, solidifying their position in the development space. 

Clutch Review– 4.8 (16 reviews)

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Final Thoughts

Technological innovations have made modern life incomprehensibly simple, making global presence for companies and customer involvement as easy as essential. This is where the utility and applications of mobile based apps come in. In a rapidly evolving, tech-based world, businesses are leveraging technological innovations to stay versatile and relevant while enhancing consumer experience. This article attempts to list some of the best American mobile app development companies, globally recognized for their innovative and experimental approach towards mobile app solutions, equipped and updated with the latest technological trends.