Top Forums for GamStop Customers

Problem gambling is a major concern in all regions with a regulated gambling scene. Although betting is a pastime that offers a chance to win real money, it has various adverse effects. Most players gamble responsibly and take advantage of schemes such as GamStop to take temporary breaks from their hobby. However, others find it challenging to resist gambling and require assistance to watch the negative impacts of compulsive betting.

If you are registered on GamStop, you obviously want to take a break from gambling. Below you can find an overview of three top forums which were provided by, it is a site which reviews non-GamStop casinos and creates useful content for UK players who are registered in GamStop. You can visit to learn about self-exclusion, how casinos work, and responsible gambling.


Reddit is one of the largest discussion websites and features many gambling communities and networks, making it the easy solution for free advice and insights. It is a network of communities distinguished by user interests. There are several subreddit feeds dedicated to all subjects related to gambling products and casinos. This means you can find instant discussions among problem gamblers, experts, advisors/counsellors, etc. Below are some of the benefits of the Reddit forum.

  • Free –You can join discussions and communities without paying anything since Reddit registration is free. 
  • Global – Reddit forums are open to players worldwide, so you can easily find assistance regardless of where you come from.
  • Instant – Reddit forums are available around the clock and offer instant help. You can follow discussions or share your story to find instant feedback from the community.
  • Segregated Discussions – You can narrow down to specific discussions about gambling to help you learn more about casino operations, licenses, software, how they work, bonuses, merits and drawbacks, self-exclusion, responsible gambling, RNGs, etc.

The Reddit forums are ideal if you need discussions and information about various aspects of gambling, including products, compulsive gambling, assistance, education, exclusion, legislation, and more. You can also get in touch with advisors, counsellors, reformed gambling addicts, and current players.  However, finding help on Reddit requires some searching and may involve a fee if you subscribe to paid memberships.


GamCare is one of the best forums for GamStop players and is dedicated to helping problem gamblers in the UK. GamCare was established in 1997 and is a charity organization committed to providing resources, advice, and support to players affected by gambling. The organization has various resources, which suit anyone who spends real money on gambling products in the UK and offshore. 

GamCare is also focused on mitigating the negative impacts of gambling while promoting the best standards and awareness. You’ll encounter various services, including direct chats with experts and reformed problem gamblers and support workshops. The organization also features a frequently updated blog, videos, testimonials, quizzes, and various other resources to discourage and manage compulsive gambling. Below are two key activities of GamCare:

  • Running A Support Forum: GamCare maintains a 24-hour support forum for players, so you can find advice, help, and gambling information around the clock. The forums feature experts, reformed gamblers, advisors and people like you. Players in England, Scotland, and Wales can find help through live chat and face-to-face support around the clock.
  • Spearheading Gambling Standards: GamCare offers counselling to UK and offshore gambling companies and is actively involved in creating a sustainable industry. It is responsible for the Safer Gambling Standard and TalkBanStop initiative, which highlights the ultimate casino social responsibility standard.

Gambling Therapy

Unlike GamCare, which is dedicated to players in England, Scotland, and Wales, Gambling Therapy is a global service. It is committed to offering practical advice and emotional support to problem gamblers, free of charge. The website features resourceful links and insights about problem gambling, how to know if you have a gambling problem, and how to find help. Gambling Therapy offers various services, as shown below.

  1. Forums – You can visit the Gambling Therapy forum to read testimonials from (and interact with) other people struggling with gambling problems. It is essential to know that you aren’t alone in the fight against compulsive gambling, and you’ll also learn more about how to exercise restraint.
  2. Email Support – If you need instant assistance, you can use email support, which links you to a team of volunteers, counsellors, advisors, experts, and reformed gamblers. This service can help you learn how to regain control of your hobby and gamble responsibly. 
  3. Self Help – Most players can kick gambling addiction with a standard worksheet and routine. The self-help service allows you to download a worksheet and begin your recovery to avoid the adverse effects of gambling.
  4. GT App – Gambling Therapy website offers a sleek interface compatible with desktop and mobile devices. You can also download the GT app for your Android and iOS smartphone, tablet, and iPad to access all services and resources on the go.


GamStop players have access to various other forums, depending on their needs. For instance, if you want to spend your self-exclusion term learning about the best betting formulas, you can find top-rated forums and blogs that discuss such topics. 

Similarly, if you need assistance staying away from gambling on offshore websites, you need a support group dedicated to helping problem players. GamCare, Reddit, and Gambling Therapy are three of the top forums when you need support and information.