Top 5 Fastest-Growing Startups in the UK

Top 5 Fastest-Growing Startups in the UK

AS the UK continues to grapple with the throes of coronavirus, the economy’s condition experiences consistent highs and lows. Be it a self storage startup or a fast-food chain, no industry has been immune to the infection.

Who would have thought that the end of the decade would present such glaring challenges? While nobody really has a solid solution for this debacle, the quest for normalcy rages on.

You’ll be surprised with the companies competing with one other on the front lines. But what sets them apart from others is that they are no longer resisting the change imposed upon the world, they’re embracing it to their own advantage.

The UK is home to a plethora of top conglomerates and startups, both of which have taken a hit due to the economic downturn. Safe to say, some have been forced to shut down while others are barely surviving on break evens.

As the top 5 fastest growing startups, these companies do much more than what’s expected of them which is primarily why they’re so successful. To top it off, they’re not just growing in one aspect of the term. Rest assured, the metrics considered to devise the list aren’t just concentrated in profit.

Growth, when put on a spectrum, has various implications. There’s no strict definition, almost except one generalization, which in most cases always proves to be true. It’s that growth is directly equivalent to success.

So, to say that the fastest-growing companies are climbing their way up the ladder of success, wouldn’t be a far-reaching statement.

  1. Bulb

In 2021, the business world is highly saturated. As one door closes, the other opens and it seems that new entrants simply don’t stop seizing the opportunities at their disposal. Among recently penetrated industries with ever-increasing contenders is the renewable resources sector.

Green energy is here to stay and some of the most socially responsible startups are banking on it! Bulb is no different and yet it’s nothing like the rest. The company provides renewable energy to residential and corporate customers. And one of the reasons it’s preferred is because of its commitment to quality.

So, what’s the secret? It’s integrity and marketing in equal parts. Bulb promises completely green energy but the way it convinces the customer is absolutely stellar! Rest assured, Bulb is the epitome of a great marketing team driving its company to higher profits.

  1. Yumi Nutrition

The population’s obsession with health seems never-ending which is why vitamin companies are gaining traction at an unbelievable pace. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of companies jumping on the bandwagon ever since the last half of the previous decade.

However, only a few survived and even fewer claimed enough market share to become rising stars. Among them all, Yumi Nutrition inarguably takes the cake. It was started as a passionate venture by three guys who understood what the modern consumer wanted and marketed it accordingly.

Yumi Nutrition sells a wide assortment of vitamin gummies that claim to add to overall health and wellbeing. And while it’s no cure for cancer, people seem to be buying from the brand as if its products were nothing short of a miracle.

  1. Insurwave

What’s better than boring old insurance? A strategic concoction of insurance and technology, of course. Insurwave is a user-friendly digital platform where people can find insurance brokers online.

Not many people understand the complexities of insurance which is why they often rely on agencies that dumb it down for them. But what if you didn’t have to go through hefty processes to buy insurance? Surely, things would be a lot easier and Insurwave makes sure it’s as simple as breathing.

Needless to say, the chase for profit is tempting enough but entrepreneurs must be careful when treading unchartered waters. Those who don’t strike the right balance of risk and mitigation end up drowning. However, that’s something Insurwave does not relate to.

  1. Habito

Buying a home will never get old, but most people never put down the payment in full. They rely on mortgages and Habito makes applying for one a whole lot easier. Through the years it has been running, the company has raised millions of pounds in equity, allowing it to expand beyond bounds.

It has various strategic collaborations all across the UK, and it offers perks other companies rarely ever do. There have been various underdogs that have come out stronger during the pandemic, proving that their visionaries are truly onto something. And Habito tries very hard to leave its competitors behind.


UK locals would tell you that the country hosts millions of people, none of whom are similar to each other. As the world continues to become extravagantly globalized, more people are seeking a change of scenery than ever before.

From changing home to moving elsewhere for career purposes, the UK – London in particular – sees a continuous influx of new faces each year. This not only boosts the real estate sector but also creates room for an aspiring self storage startup to claim the empty market space.

While traveling yourself isn’t difficult, carrying all of your stuff around is a massive ordeal. After all, nobody likes to manage truckloads of belongings while embarking upon a new journey.

In fact, some things simply can’t be moved even on the best vehicles available. Especially when the distances are too large, it’s just impossible.

That’s where STORED comes in. The business was set up around 7 years ago and it has been growing at a steady pace since the beginning. Surprisingly, STORED hasn’t been too affected by the pandemic. If anything, it has made the most of the new normal.

Evidently, the reviews on Trustpilot as well as the deals on SSO agree!

As COVID-19 spread beyond the border in 2020, international students and dual nationals were faced with a major dilemma. Naturally, most chose to return to their hometowns until things got back to normal. While they shifted locations, they decided to get smart about their valuables.

Ultimately, leading to a thorough search on SSO about the best deals from reliable storage companies out there. SSO is a user-friendly platform that allows people to bag special price cuts and discounts up to 30% off on the best storage start-ups in the UK. And guess what? STORED’s is on that list too! 

A majority of adults in 2021 cannot afford to rent an empty apartment which is why they look for cheap alternatives and STORED is just that! It lets people keep their stuff in a secure unit for as long as they’re away.

Thus, with friendly customer service, superior quality standards, efficient processes, and reasonable prices, STORED is the kind of self storage startup that truly deserves its spot on the list. So, check it out today if you’re thinking about moving; rest assured, you won’t be disappointed!